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> Electrical Engineering - Fault Finding
ET 101
Simple Compression Refrigeration Circuit
Cooling and heating of the heat exchangers directly tangible

ET 400
Refrigeration Circuit with Variable Load
Defined cooling load via controlled water temperature

ET 411C
Compression Refrigeration System
Compare different expansion elements

ET 352
Steam Jet Compressor in Refrigeration Engineering
Cold production using heat

ET 120
Cooling Using the Peltier Effect
Demonstration of the thermoelectric effect

ET 122
Vortex Cooling Device
Cooling and heating using compressed air

ET 480
Absorption Refrigeration System
Boiler operated alternatively by gas or electrically

ET 350
Changes of State in the Refrigeration Circuit
Energetic analyses of the refrigeration cycle

ET 351C
Thermodynamics of the Refrigeration Circuit
Compression refrigeration system for thermodynamic investigations

ET 412C
Refrigeration System with Refrigeration and Freezing Chamber
Simulation of 18 faults

ET 430
Refrigeration System with Two-Stage Compression
Injection intercooler, heat exchanger for additional refrigerant supercooling

ET 441
Refrigeration Chamber and Defrosting Methods
Combined refrigeration and freezing chamber with temperature and humidity measurement

ET 165
Refrigeration System with Open Compressor
Refrigeration chamber with transparent door and adjustable cooling load

HM 365
Universal Drive and Brake Unit
Core component for experiments on various engines and machines

ET 432
Behaviour of a Piston Compressor
Open 2-cylinder piston compressor from refrigeration

ET 428
Energy Efficiency in Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration system with 3 compressors in interconnected operation

ET 431
Heat Exchangers in the Refrigeration Circuit
Effect of superheating and supercooling of the refrigerant on the cyclic process

ET 426
Capacity Control in Refrigeration Systems
Examination of different capacity control methods

ET 150.01
Refrigerant Filling and Evacuation Equipment
Accessory to evacuate and fill refrigeration systems

ET 180
Pressure Switches in Refrigeration
Display of switching states via lamps

ET 150.02
Tool Set
Case with tools for the assembly and maintenance of refrigeration systems

ET 181
Adjustment and Operation of Expansion Valves
Recording of the control behaviour in the software

ET 182
Secondary Controllers in Refrigeration Systems
Secondary controllers can be decommissioned individually for fault finding

ET 460
Oil Return in Refrigeration Systems
Transport of lubricants soluble in refrigerant in refrigeration systems

MT 210
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration
Study project with high practical relevance for training in metal and electrical professions: set-up of a refrigeration system from individual components

ET 499.01
Cutaway Model: Hermetic Refrigerant Compressor
Cutaway model of an industrial refrigeration compressor

ET 499.30
Cutaway Model: Ceiling Air Cooler
Cutaway models of industrial components used in refrigeration engineering

ET 192
Replacement of Refrigeration Components
Replace typical components of a refrigeration system: compressor, pressure switch, filter/drier, solenoid valve and expansion valve

WL 320
Wet Cooling Tower
Principle of operation and characteristic variables of a wet cooling tower with forced ventilation

WL 201
Air Humidity Measurement
Climatic chamber with adjustable humidity and transparent door

ET 422
Capacity Control and Faults in Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration and freezing chamber to investigate different methods for capacity control

ET 900
Introduction to Refrigeration
Training system with interchangeable modules

ET 910
Refrigeration Training System, Base Unit
Set-up of the most varied refrigeration circuits using modular component kits

ET 910.10
Refrigeration Components for Basic Experiments
Set-up of simple refrigeration circuits

ET 910.11
Refrigeration Components for Advanced Experiments
Set-up of more complex refrigeration circuits

ET 915
HSI Training System Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology, Base Unit
Modern learning environment through hardware/software integration (HSI)

ET 915.01
Refrigerator Model
Simple model of a domestic refrigerator for connection to the ET 915

ET 915.02
Model of a Refrigeration System with Refrigeration and Freezing Stage
Series and parallel connection of evaporators

HM 280
Experiments with a Radial Fan
Operating behaviour and characteristic variables of a radial fan; 2 interchangeable impellers

HM 282
Experiments with an Axial Fan
Operating behaviour and characteristic variables

HM 210
Characteristic Variables of a Radial Fan
Determination of volumetric flow rate via iris diaphragm or venturi nozzle

HL 720
Ventilation System
Design and operation of a ventilation system; representation of the pressure curve within the ventilation system

HL 710
Air Duct Systems
Planning and set-up of simple and complex air duct systems

ET 102
Heat Pump Trainer
Utilisation of ambient heat for water heating

ET 405
Heat Pump for Cooling and Heating Operation
Different operating modes can be set via valves

ET 420
Ice Stores in Refrigeration
Industrial refrigeration system with ice store, dry cooling tower and wet cooling tower

ET 915.06
Model of a Simple Air Conditioning System
Model of a simple air conditioning system for room cooling

ET 915.07
Air Conditioning Model
Complete model of a full air conditioning system, outer air and recirculation operation possible

ET 605
Air Conditioning System Model
Climatic chamber with latent and selective heat source as cooling load, recirculating and outer air operation

ET 600
Conditioning of Room Air
Air conditioning system with steam humidifier

ET 611
Air Conditioning System with Chamber
Chamber for comfort investigations, suitable for test persons to be inside

ET 620
Air Conditioning and Ventilation System
Manual or automatic operation by PLC air conditioning controller

ET 450
Vehicle Air Conditioning
Typical vehicle air conditioning system for cooling the vehicle interior, use of components from automotive technology

ET 630
Split System Air Conditioner
Modern air conditioning unit with heat pump function: cooling and heating

ET 144
Electrical Installation in Refrigeration Systems
Design and wiring of typical electrical circuits from refrigeration

ET 171
Electrical Connection of Refrigerant Compressors
Use of a real refrigerant compressor

ET 340
Building Automation in Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
Operation and programming of a DDC for heating and air conditioning systems

ET 930
Evaporator Control with Electronic Expansion Valve
Practical programming of a modern refrigeration controller

ET 172
Electrical Faults in Refrigerant Compressors
Investigation of important electrical components from refrigeration

ET 170
Electrical Faults in Simple Air Conditioning Systems
Simulation of a simple air conditioning system with compressor, fan and thermostat

ET 174
Electrical Faults in Full Air Conditioning Systems
Simulation of the electrical circuit of a complex conditioning system with humidifying and heat pump function

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