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HM 167 - A product from the GUNT 2E range
Technical Description

  Groundwater flows are taken into consideration in the case of flooding risks, in the use of dewatering wells and the drainage of lakes and polders. An understanding of the hydrological principles of groundwater flow is useful when designing reliable structures such as ditches for excavation or drainage systems.
  HM 167 allows three-dimensional investigations of groundwater flows and the demonstration of different drainage methods. The trainer consists of a tank with a sand filling. Various models can be placed in the sand bed.
  The water is supplied to the tank via two perforated tubes that can be activated separately via valves. This results in various experiment possibilities with flowing groundwater. The investigation of various drainages is facilitated by two wells with perforated tubes, which are also activated individually via valves. Three different models allow the study of dikes, ditches and wells.
  At the bottom of the tank there are orthogonally arranged measuring connections to detect groundwater levels. Groundwater levels are displayed on a 19-fold tube manometer.
  The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- determining the groundwater level between feed

  and discharge
- groundwater level over time at one and two outlets
- comparison and overlaying of the levels over time
- water inrush in dikes and ditches for excavation
- groundwater studies under concentric load on the

- investigation of seepage flows in excavation

  ditches with wall braces


* Investigation of groundwater flows and

  seepage flows1
* Demonstration of flood and drainage1
* Investigation of wells, excavation ditches with


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Seepage Flow

[1] investigation of groundwater flows
[2] stainless steel tank as experimental section to be filled with coarse sand
[3] water supply via 2 perforated tubes
[4] water drain via 2 wells with perforated tubes in the experimental section
[5] water feeds and discharges can be adjusted separately via valves
[6] 19 measuring connections with filters to detect the groundwater levels, arranged orthogonal to the tank bottom
[7] 2 different models for ditches
[8] 1 model for structure with waterproof bottom
[9] groundwater levels displayed on the 19-fold tube manometer


Technical Data

- material: stainless steel
- contents: 215L
- 19 measuring connections on the bottom of the tank
Tube manometer
- number of tubes: 19
- measuring range: 300mmWC  
Plastic models
- ditch, LxWxH: 610x464x150mm
- ditch, LxWxH: 256x464x150mm
- structure with waterproof bottom,
  DxH: 180x150mm, inner tube DxH: 40x330mm


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1.340x650x1.000mm
Empty weight: approx. 120kg
Required for Operation
Water connection, drain
Coarse sand, grain size 1...2mm
Scope of Delivery
1 trainer
3 models
1 set of hoses
1 set of instructional material
Order Details
070.16700  HM 167  Ground Water Flow
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