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WP 300
Universal Material Tester, 20 kN
Familiarising students with the basic concepts of material testing

WP 300.04
Bending Device
Bending beam under point load

WP 300.10
Device for Shearing Experiments
Type of shear loading as on rivets and bolts

WP 300.11
Device for Cupping Experiments
Practical cupping experiment for the investigation of the material properties of thin sheet

WP 310
Hydraulic Universal Material Tester, 50kN
Stand alone unit with hydraulic drive for a variety of material tests

SE 100
Universal Testing Frame, 400 kN
Portal frame for loading experiments on components from civil engineering

WP 500
Torsion Tester, 30Nm
Fundamental experiments on torsional loading

WP 510
Torsion Testing Machine, 200 Nm, Motor Driven
Motor driven torsion experiments with data acquisition

WP 140
Fatigue Testing Machine
Portable unit for the demonstration of fatigue strength testing

WP 600
Creep Testing Machine
Investigation of materials with a known tendency to creep

WP 400
Pendulum Impact Tester, 25 Nm
Experimental unit for notched bar impact tests

WP 410
Pendulum Impact Tester, 300 Nm
Notched bar impact bending test with increased impact energy

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