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CE 380
Fixed Bed Catalysis
3 reactors for comparative experiments

CE 380.01
Flow Injection Analysis
Professional analyser for CE 380

CE 100
Tubular Flow Reactor
Demonstration of the influence of temperature and contact time on chemical reactions

CE 310
Chemical Reactors Trainer
Basic unit to study and compare various reactors using the example of a saponification

CE 310.01
Continuous Stirrer Tank Reactor
Tank for continuous or batch operation with agitator, heater coil and overflow

CE 310.02
Tubular Reactor
Coiled hose as reaction tube in a water bath for continuous operation

CE 310.03
Stirred Tanks in Series
Series circuit consisting of three stirred tank reactors and one tubular flow section

CE 310.04
Batch Reactor
Dewar vessel with stirrer and heat exchanger for isothermal or adiabatic saponification reaction

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