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> Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
> Steady Incompressible Flow
> Flow around Bodies
> Steady Flow of Compressible Fluids
> Examples of Transient Flow
> Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines
> Components in Piping Systems and Plant Design
> Fluidic Experimental Plants
> Hydraulics for Civil Engineering
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Fluid Mechanics Lab
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
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> Physics and Properties of Fluids
> Hydrostatics
> Prinicples of Hydrodynamics
> Flow in Pipes
> Methods of Flow Rate Measurement
> Open-Channel Flow
> Flow around Bodies
> Turbo Machines
> Fluid Mechanics Compact: Fluidtutor
WL 204
Marcet Boiler
Measurement of pressure and temperature

WL 102
Change of State of Gases
Isothermic and isochoric change of state of air

WL 202
Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement
Experimental introduction to temperature measurement (eight different temperature measurement methods): methods, areas of application, characteristics

WL 203
Methods of Pressure Measurement
Measurement of pressure above and below atmosphere

HM 150.02
Dead-Weight Piston Gauge
under construction!

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