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> Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
> Steady Incompressible Flow
> Flow around Bodies
> Steady Flow of Compressible Fluids
> Examples of Transient Flow
> Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines
> Components in Piping Systems and Plant Design
> Fluidic Experimental Plants
> Hydraulics for Civil Engineering
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Fluids Lab
Hydrodynamics Experiments
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> Physics and Properties of Fluids
> Hydrostatics
> Prinicples of Hydrodynamics
> Flow in Pipes
> Methods of Flow Rate Measurement
> Open-Channel Flow
> Flow around Bodies
> Turbo Machines
> Fluid Mechanics Compact: Fluidtutor
TM 605
Coriolis Force Demonstrator
Apparent forces in a rotating reference system

HM 150.18
Osborne Reynolds Experiment
Visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow

HM 150.07
Bernoulli's Principle
Static pressure and total pressure distribution along the venturi nozzle

HM 150.08
Measurement of Jet Forces
Demonstration of the principle of linear momentum and impact forces on interchangeable deflectors with different deflection angles

HM 150.09
Horizontal Flow from a Tank
Demonstration of Torricelli's theorem in visual form

HM 150.12
Vertical Flow from a Tank
Determination of flow rate coefficients and flow rate for various water heads and experiments on discharge jets

HM 150.14
Investigation of Vortex Formation
under construction!

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