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Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements
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KI 110
Crank and Connecting Rod Apparatus
Conversion of rotary motion into oscillatory motion

KI 120
Slotted Link Apparatus
Harmonic reciprocating motion

KI 130
Four Bar Chain
Conversion of rotary motion into oscillatory motion

KI 140
Whitworth Quick Return Apparatus
Portable unit to demonstrate uneven reciprocating motion

KI 150
Hooke's Coupling Apparatus
Portable unit demonstrating the transmission behaviour of jointed shafts

KI 160
Ackermann Steering Demonstrator
Table or wall mounted unit for steering geometry

GL 100
Gear Trains Apparatus
Introduction to the basic principles of gears and terms

GL 105
Gear Trains Model
Investigation of transmission ratios on spur gear units

TM 121
Wheel and Axle Apparatus
Equilibrium of moments

TM 122
Wheel and Differential Axle Apparatus
Equilibrium of moments, force reduction on the differential axle

TM 123
Spur Gear Lifting Apparatus
Mode of operation and layout of toothed gearing mechanisms

TM 124
Worm and Wheel Apparatus
Mode of operation and layout of a worm gear

TM 125
Demonstration of the functioning of a winch

TM 600
Centrifugal Force Apparatus
Laws on the behaviour of rotating masses

TM 605
Coriolis Force Demonstrator
Apparent forces in a rotating reference system

TM 630
Table mounted unit demonstrating the characteristics of gyroscopes

TM 632
Governor Apparatus
Unit to demonstrate the function of governors

TM 610
Inertia in Rotational Motion Apparatus
Experiments on moment of inertia

TM 611
Rolling Disc on Inclined Plane
Table mounted unit for basic experiments on dynamics

TM 612
Flywheel Apparatus
Basic principles of rotational motion

TM 161
Compound Pendulum Apparatus
Pendulum oscillations

TM 162
Bifilar / Trifilar Suspension Apparatus
Oscillation experiments with a thread pendulum

TM 163
Torsional Vibration Apparatus
Wall mounted model for torsional vibration

TM 164
Vibration of Spiral Spring Apparatus
Rotating oscillation experiment on a spring-mass system

TM 155
Free and Forced Vibration Apparatus
Basic experiments on mechanical vibration

TM 150
Universal Vibration System
Comprehensive introduction into the basic principles of mechanical vibration

TM 150.02
Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations
Supplementary set for the universal vibration system TM 150 / TM 155

TM 140
Torsional Vibration Apparatus
Behaviour of two and three masses torsional vibrators

SE 110.58
Experimental Set Free Vibration of a Bar
Rayleigh's method to evaluate the natural frequency of a bar

HM 159.11
Ship Vibration Apparatus
Dynamic behaviour of a ship structure

TM 170
Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
Demonstrating the process of balancing

TM 180
Balance of Reciprocating Masses
Investigation of mass forces on a reciprocating piston machine

TM 182
Vibrations on Machine Foundations
Double vibration insulation for vibration-free laboratory operation

TM 182.01
Piston Compressor for TM 182
As a “real machine”, the piston compressor generates vibrations for the trainer TM 182

TM 620
Critical Speed Investigation Apparatus
Portable unit investigating the vibration behaviour of machine rotors

TM 625
Whirling Shaft Apparatus
Portable unit investigating the critical speed of thin elastic shafts and rotors

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