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Compound Pendulum Apparatus TM 161
Compound Pendulum Experiment
Pendulum oscillations

Bifilar / Trifilar Suspension Apparatus TM 162
Bifilar / Trifilar Suspension Experiment
Oscillation experiments with a thread pendulum

Torsional Vibration Apparatus TM 163
Torsional Vibration Experiment
Wall mounted model for torsional vibration

Vibration of Spiral Spring Apparatus TM 164
Vibration of Spiral Spring Experiment
Rotating oscillation experiment on a spring-mass system

Free and Forced Vibration Apparatus TM 155
Free and Forced Vibration Experiment
Basic experiments on mechanical vibration

Universal Vibration System TM 150
Universal Vibration Experiment
Comprehensive introduction into the basic principles of mechanical vibration

Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations TM 150.02
Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations
Supplementary set for the universal vibration system TM 150 / TM 155

Torsional Vibration Apparatus TM 140
Torsional Vibration Experiment
Behaviour of two and three masses torsional vibrators

Experimental Set Free Vibration of a Bar SE 110.58
Experimental Set Free Vibration of a Bar
Rayleigh's method to evaluate the natural frequency of a bar

Ship Vibration Apparatus HM 159.11
Ship Vibration Experiment
Dynamic behaviour of a ship structure

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