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FL 100
Strain Gauge Training System
Basic introduction to measurement with strain gauges

FL 102
Determining the Gauge Factor of Strain Gauges
Measurement of deflection and strain

FL 101
Strain Gauge Application Set 
Wiring and connecting up strain gauges

FL 151
Multi-Channel Measurement Amplifier
Processing of analogue strain gauge measuring signals for FL 120 - FL 140 and for GUNT trusses

FL 120
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Membrane
Deflection and strain of a membrane under internal pressure; membrane with strain gauge application

FL 130
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Thin-Walled Cylinder
Determination of axial and circumferential stress from measured strains; cylinder with strain gauge application as vessel

FL 140
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Thick-Walled Cylinder
Triaxial stress state in cylinder wall; cylinder with strain gauge application on surface and in wall

FL 200
Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope
Creation of stress patterns with plane or circular polarised light

FL 210
Photoelastic Demonstration
8 polycarbonate models as typical components

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