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WP 600 Creep Testing Machine Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Creep Testing Machine
Technical Description

Using the tester, typical phenomena such as phases of varying creep rates or temperature-dependent creep behaviour can be demonstrated in a simple creep rupture test. To obtain acceptable creep rates at room temperature, flat lead and plastic specimens are used. The unit comprises a base plate, support pillar with adjustable end stop, transmission lever and load weight. To avoid placing bending loads on the specimen, the specimen holders are equipped with knife-edge bearings. With the aid of a transparent conditioning box with thermal storage elements, experiments can be performed above or below room temperature.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Creep experiment with a lead specimen
- Creep experiment with a plastic probe



* Demonstration of typical creep phenomena1
* Experiments can also be performed at room


Available accessories
WP 600.01 -- Set of 10 Test Specimens, PE
WP 600.02 -- Set of 10 Test Specimens, Pb

[1] Table unit for the investigation of the creep behaviour of different materials
[2] Flat specimens made of lead and PE
[3] Specimen cross-section 2x5mm, measured length 25mm
[4] Tensile stress range 5...25N/mm˛
[5] Position measurement gauge 0...10mm, resolution 0.01mm
[6] Experiments above or below room temperature possible with conditioning box


Technical Data


- material: lead, PE
- cross-section: 2x5mm
- measured length: 25mm
Tensile stress range: 5...25N/mm˛
Position measurement

- range: 0...10mm

- resolution 0.01mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 700 x 350 x 510 mm
Weight : approx. 23 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 complete creep testing machine
1 set of experiment instructions
Order Details
020.60000  WP 600  Creep Testing Machine
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