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HM 120 Pipe Fitting Loss Demo Panel Print page
Technical Description


The experimental arrangement is clearly laid out on a demo panel. The panel is fitted to a laboratory trolley and is thus flexible in use. Only a supply of cold water and a drain are required for operation. For the investigations on the pipes, 10 different pipe sections are provided in which measuring connections with annular chambers are incorporated. The measuring connections are connected to the corresponding measuring equipment using hoses. The pipes can be individually selected for the experiments using connecting hoses. For pressure measurements, a double manometer, manometer panel and a battery operated electronic differential pressure measuring unit are provided. The flow rate is indicated on a variable-area flowmeter. An instruction manual with detailed description of the theoretical background is supplied.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
Familiarisation with pressure measurements, differential pressure measurements
Influence of pipe diameter
Influence of different materials and surface roughness
Influence of flow velocity
Pressure losses in pipe bends and elbows
Pressure losses at changes in cross-section
Determination of drag coefficients
Opening characteristics of different valves
Comparison between experiment and calculation
Demo panel for investigating pipe flow
Flexible in use due to laboratory trolley
10 different pipe sections for experiments
Wide range of experiments
Available accessories
HM 130.01 -- Plastic Tank with Submergible Pump
[1] Demo panel for investigating the pressure losses in pipes
[2] Demo panel on laboratory trolley
[3] 10 different pipe sections for experiments
[4] Pipe section selection using hose connections with rapid action hose couplings
[5] Standard measuring length of 1000mm for pipe friction measurements
[6] Manometer panel 300mmWG
[7] Double manometer 850mmWG
[8] Differential pressure measuring unit 0..2000mbar, battery operated
[9] Flow rate measurement with variable-area flowmeter 1600ltr/h
Technical Data
Pipe sections
Section with pipe elbow and bends
Straight, 18x1mm, L=1000mm, Cu
Straight, 1/2", L=1000mm, galvanised steel
Straight, 20x1.5mm, L=1000mm, PVC
Enlarged from DN 20 to DN 32
Reduced from DN 32 to DN 20
With ball-cock and slanted seat valve NW20
With gate valve NW 20
Double line 20x1.5mm, PVC
Variable-area flowmeter 1600ltr/h
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 2250 x 700 x 1800 mm
Weight : approx. 100 kg
Required for Operation
Cold water connection 1.5bar
Scope of Delivery
1 demo panel, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.12000 HM 120 Pipe Fitting Loss Demo Panel
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