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HM 240 Principles of Airflow Print page
Technical Description


The HM 240 is part of a series of units that enable experiments to be performed on flow processes with the aid of a computer. In this case experiments can be performed on air flow in conjunction with accessories.
A radial fan generates a flow speed of approx. 9m/s in a horizontal flow section. The inlet funnel ensures that the flow is low in turbulence and thus that the speed distribution in the intake pipe is homogeneous. The unit is equipped with transducers for temperature and pressure. The following accessories are required for operation: HM 240.01 Data Logging Unit. To measure the electrical power consumption, the HM 240.02 Digital Power Meter is required.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
In conjunction with optionally available accessories, the following experiments are possible:
Determination of the fan characteristic curve
Speed distribution across a pipe
Speed distribution behind a cylinder in a transverse flow
Pressure distribution around a cylinder in a transverse flow
Friction losses in a pipe, a bend, and an elbow
Determination of the cooling curve for a heated copper cylinder
Numerous experiments in the area of air flow
PC data acquisition
Available accessories
HM 240.01 -- Interface Module
HM 240.02 -- Power Meter
HM 240.03 -- Electronic Pitot Sensor
HM 240.04 -- Cylinder Pressure Distribution
HM 240.05 -- Pipe Fittings
HM 240.06 -- Heat Transfer
Alternative products
HM 210 -- Characteristic Variables of a Radial Fan
HM 220 -- Airflow Study Unit
HM 280 -- Experiments with a Radial Fan
HM 240 Principles of Air Flow
[1] Base unit for numerous experiments on air flow
[2] lxwxh 850x450x750mm, 30kg
[3] Transparent intake pipe with facilities for fitting accessories and inlet funnel
[4] Regulator flap for regulating the air flow
[5] Electronic measurement of pressure, speed, and flow rate
[6] Volumetric flow measurement via differential pressure transmitter
[7] 230V, ~50Hz
Technical Data
Radial fan:
Max. power consumption: 90W
Max. pressure difference: 480Pa
Max. volumetric flow rate 460m/h
Speed 2800 rpm
Measuring range:
Pressure measurement: 0...1000Pa (1x)
Pressure measurement: 0...100Pa (2x)
Temperature measurement: -40...150C
Software requirements: Win95/98
Dimensions and Weight
lxwxh : 850 x 450 x 750 mm
Weight : approx. 30 kg
Required for Operation
230V, ~50Hz
Scope of Delivery
1 study unit, fully assembled, 1 set of connecting hoses, 1 set of software floppy disks, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.24000 HM 240 Principles of Airflow
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