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RT 450

Process Automation Training System: Base Module 

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Technical Description

  Together with its wide-ranging accessory components, the RT 450 base module provides a modular, fully flexible and open-design system for learning the fundamentals of process automation by means of experimentation. The accessory components are pre-installed on panels. The base module provides an extensive frame for quick and safe mounting of the components required for the various experiments. It includes a water supply with tank and pump, a switch cabinet for power supply as well as connections, maintenance units, and a pressure regulator for an external compressed air supply.

  Connecting up the measuring and control cables and the process lines, as well as connection to the electricity supply, form key elements of the programme of exercises. Alongside the purely systematic technical learning content involved, key aspects of the teaching goals are pre-planning, modification, testing, commissioning and optimisation.

  Optimal learning is achieved when two or three students work together on a training system as a group.

  An instrumentation and control software (RT 450.40) with an interface module for Profibus DP (RT 450.41) is available as an accessory. This enables the key process variables to be displayed and control functions to be executed.

  The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

Together with accessory components, the following learning content and exercises are possible
- planning and construction of different process

- planning and construction of different automation

  solutions for the control systems
- familiarisation with the design, function and

  behaviour of industrial automation components,

  such as controllers, PLCs, actuators and

  measuring devices
- commissioning and optimisation of automated

  process applications
- making process connections (via pipes/hoses),

  connecting up the electricity supply and the

  instrumentation and control components
- fundamentals of the use of data acquisition,

  system control and parameter setting using the

  RT 450.40 software


* Modular training system providing an introduction to

  the fundamentals of process automation1
* Base module with large frame for

* Extensive range of accessories available: process

  application modules, sensors, actuators, controllers,

  PLCs etc.1
* Software for data acquisition, operator control and

  parameter setting optionally available

Available accessories
RT 450.01 -- Controlled System Module: Level
RT 450.02 -- Controlled System Module: Flow
RT 450.03 -- Controlled System Module: Pressure
RT 450.04 -- Controlled System Module: Temperature
RT 450.10 -- Continuous Controller Module
RT 450.11 -- Switching Controller Module
RT 450.12 -- Chart Recorder Module
RT 450.13 -- Digital Display
RT 450.14 -- Software for Controller Configuration
RT 450.20 -- Control Valve, Pneumatically Driven, Kvs 0,4
RT 450.21 -- Control Valve, Pneumatically Driven, Kvs 1,0
RT 450.23 -- Control Valve, Electrically Driven, Kvs 0,4
RT 450.24 -- Control Valve, Electrically Driven, Kvs 1,0
RT 450.30 -- Pressure Sensor, 0...6bar
RT 450.31 -- Pressure Sensor, 0...2bar
RT 450.32 -- Pressure Sensor, 0...100mbar
RT 450.33 -- Orifice with Differential Pressure Sensor
RT 450.34 -- Flow Rate Sensor: Electromagnetic
RT 450.35 -- Level Sensor, Capacitive
RT 450.36 -- Temperature Sensor PT100
RT 450.37 -- Thermocouple (K) with Head Transmitter
RT 450.40 -- Visualisation Software
RT 450.41 -- Profibus DP Module for Controller
RT 450.42 -- PLC Module with Software
RT 450.43 -- Profibus DP Module for PLC
Alternative products
RT 674 -- Flow / Level Control Demonstration Unit
RT 450 Modular Process Automation Training System

[1] base module for a flexible process automation training system
[2] large frame
with aluminium rails
[3] frame for electrical modules
[4] water circuit with centrifugal pump and tank
[5] switch cabinet with 24V power supply
[6] practice-oriented terminal blocks for wiring of the instrumentation and control signals
[7] 2x maintenance unit and a pressure regulator for compressed air
[8] installation and connecting material including tools for connecting accessory modules 

Technical Data

Stainless steel storage tank: 75L
Centrifugal pump
- max. head: 20m
- max. flow rate: 4m/h
- power consumption: 470W
24VDC supply for components


Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 1.650x850x1.950mm

Weight: approx. 120kg 

Required for Operation
230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz/CSA, 1 phase
6...10bar compressed air supply
Scope of Delivery

1 base module with pump, tank and switch box
1 accessory set (tools, compressed air hose, plastic

   tube, single-core non-sheathed cable, connecting

1 set of instructional material

Order Details

080.45000  RT 450  Process Automation Training

                                 System: Base Module

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