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MT 110 Assembly Station: Spur Wheel / Worm Gear Mechanism Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  Gears transmit rotational movements. They adapt the torques and speeds of a consumer drive according to demand. MT 110 deals with a fixed gear unit. The gear unit comprises a worm gear with an upstream spur gear stage. Combining the two types of gear in a single box enables high transmission ratios to be attained at high levels of efficiency in a compact space. Worm gears are normally deployed to gear down, and are mostly self-locking. Typical applications include motor vehicle wiper blades, escalators, and cable winches.
  The mobile workstation MT 110 forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice range designed for training at technical colleges and in company training centres. The station includes everything required to provide students with an introduction to a wide range of demanding assembly projects. The drawers in the trolley cabinet contain a disassembled combination gear unit and the tools, assembly aids, small parts and gaskets required for assembly. A second fully functional combination gear unit, permanently mounted to the workbench, can be used for demonstration purposes. This enables components to be compared directly with the complete system. Large-format drawings suitable for workshop practice can be attached to the display board at the rear of the trolley. All steps can be demonstrated to, and then performed by, the students themselves. The comprehensive and clearly structured instructional material, which includes a set of drawings, sets out the individual assembly steps in detail and provides additional information on the areas of application, mode of operation and design of the assemblies.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Design and function of a combination gear unit
- Reading and understanding engineering drawings
- Familiarisation with components and assemblies,

  their design features and functions
- Dimensioning exercises, gauging parts
- Work planning, in particular planning and

  presentation of the assembly process
- Familiarisation with assembly aids and jigs
- Assembly exercises: assembly of modules and

  complete units
- Analysis of faults and damage, in conjunction with

  maintenance and repair steps
- Material selection criteria
In conjunction with MT 172
- Function testing of the assembled gear unit


* Fully equipped mobile teaching station for

  demonstration purposes, providing an introduction

  to assembly techniques using an industrial gear

  unit as an example1
* Comprehensive and well-structured instructional

* Learning in a practical environment1
* Highly suitable for developing interdisciplinary

  technical understanding

Available accessories
MT 110.10 -- Cutaway Model Worm Gear
MT 110.21 -- Auto-Cad Files Worm Gear
MT 172 -- Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears
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MT 190 -- Assembly Project: Materials Tester
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[1] Assembly project for engineering training
[2] 2 combination gear units: 1x set of components for assembly, 1x assembled, mounted on trolley as demonstrator
[3] Spur gear stage with helical gear wheels
[4] Worm gear stage with cylindrical worm and globoid wheel
[5] Workshop trolley with drawing display board at rear, built-under cabinet with 3 lockable drawers and vice with 115mm jaw width
[6] Assembly kit, tool kit, assembly aids, accessories and gaskets as well as instructional material contained in built-under cabinet
[7] The assembly station forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice line
Technical Data

Gear unit dimensions without shaft couplings
- l x w x h: 282x138x188mm, approx. 22kg
Transmission ratios
- spur gear stage: i=2,83
- worm gear stage: i=12,33
- total transmission ratio: i=34,89
Spur gear stage
- pinion: number of teeth: z=24, real pitch

  module: m=1mm
- gear wheel: z=68, m=1mm
Worm gear stage
- worm: z=3; worm gear wheel: z=37, m=2,578mm
Max. output torque: 212Nm at 1400min-1
- housing: grey cast iron
- shafts: heat treated steel
- spur gear wheels, worm: case-hardened alloy steel
Shaft couplings
- drive: Dxl: 16x40mm, power take-off: Dxl: 30x60mm

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1520x750x1850mm (trolley)
Weight: approx. 150kg
Scope of Delivery

1 workshop trolley with rear drawing display board

   and built-under cabinet
1 working combination gear unit
1 combination gear unit in parts
1 set of assembly tools and jigs
1 set of small parts and gaskets
1 set of instructional material, consisting of 
  technical description of system, complete set of

  drawings with individual parts and parts list,

  description of assembly and disassembly

  sequences, set of tranparencies for overhead


Order Details

051.11000  MT 110  Assembly Station: Spur

                                Wheel / Worm Gear Mechanism

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