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HL 108 Domestic Heating Circuit Training Panel Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

A pump circulates water through four radiators. The temperature of the radiators is set using thermostatic valves.

  A digital controller keeps the room temperature constant by driving the four-way mixing valve. This valve sets the temperature of the boiler return flow and the feed flow. Cold water connections enable the heat generated to be dissipated. The differential pressure across the pipe system is limited using a relief valve. Temperatures can be read on dial thermometers.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Familiarisation with a central heating system and its

- Hydronic balancing of radiators
- Function and operating behaviour of a circulating

- Function and operating behaviour of a heating

- Function and operating behaviour of a four-way

  mixing valve


* Trainer on heating systems and plumbing1
* Function of a central heating system1
* High level of relevance to practice due to use of

  commonly available commercial components

Alternative products
HL 112 -- Radiator Training Panel
HL 300 -- Central Heating System
HL 305 -- Hydronic Balancing of Radiators
[1] Trainer for heating engineering
[2] Heating controller with feedback of the feed flow temperature
[3] 4-way mixing valve DN 20
[4] Circulating pump
[5] 7 rotameters
[6] 4 plate heat exchangers as radiators
[7] 5 bimetallic dial thermometers
[8] 2 cold water connections DN 15
[9] 2 water connections for boiler DN 15
[10] 1 differential pressure overflow valve
Technical Data


- power consumption: 60W

- max. flow rate: 60L/min

- max. head: 4m


- plate heat exchanger with 8 plates

- capacity: 3kW
Heating controller with feedback of the feed flow temperature

- inputs: 2 temperature sensors

Measuring ranges
- temperature: 0...100C
- flow rate: 2x 150...1600L/h, 1x 0...1000L/h,

  4x 0...400L/h


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1850 x 400 x 1150 mm (panel)
Weight: approx. 90 kg (panel)
Required for Operation
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Cold and hot water connection: 1.5bar
Scope of Delivery
1 trainer
1 manual
Order Details

065.10800  HL 108  Domestic Heating Circuit

                     Training Panel

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