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GL 410 Gear Assembly Unit: Simple Drives Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  This laboratory system is used to introduce the basics of gearing and the correct method of assembling drive elements. The programme of exercises enables familiarisation with six different drive implementation and analysis methods: understanding the brief and the drawing, assembly, setting, adjusting, testing, and making calculations.
  The flexibility of the set-up and the modularity of the components simplifies experimentation and implementation of the students' own ideas.
  A robust tubular steel frame with a square profile and bearing elements provide the accuracy for the setting of precise gearing. All the system components are kept ready to hand and well protected in a housing system.
  GUNT offers three assembly kits in this product series, each focussing on different aspects: GL 410, GL 420 and GL 430. Each kit is used entirely independently of the other kits within the series.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Familiarisation with key components of mechanical

  drive systems
- Basic types of drive
  * simple belt drive
  * simple chain drive
  * simple spur gear drive
  * bevel gear drive
  * worm gear drive
  * rack drive
- Calculations on mechanical drives
- Practical set-up of various drives, linked to simple

  configuration and alignment exercises
- Reading and understanding engineering drawings,

  familiarisation with technical terminology


* Flexible and robust assembly system for mechanical

  drive systems1
* Practical orientation based on use of standard

* Quick and easy assembly with no jigs and fixtures,

   just simple tools1
* Safe drive with hand crank1
* Comprehensive well-structured instructional


Alternative products
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GL 200 -- Demonstrator for Lathe Gearing Layout
GL 420 -- Gear Assembly Unit: Combined Drives
GL 430 -- Gear Assembly Unit: Step and Shift Gears
MT 110.02 -- Assembly Exercise: Spur Wheel / Worm Gear Mechanism
MT 152 -- Assembly Exercise: Spur Gear

[1] Demonstration and experimentation kit for assembling single drives
[2] Simple belt drive
[3] Simple chain drive
[4] Simple spur gear drive
[5] Bevel gear drive
[6] Worm gear drive
[7] Rack drive
[8] Hand operation with crank
[9] Usage of standard industrial parts
[10] Solid universal frame manufactured from square steel tube


Technical Data

Toothed belt pulleys: z=30, 60
Chain sprockets: z=20, 30, DIN 8192 ISO 10B-1
Spur gears: z=30, 60, m=2mm
Bevel gear pair

- z=30, m=3mm, i=1, angle between axes 90

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1000x500x500mm (assembled frame)
Weight: approx. 69kg
Scope of Delivery

1 base frame
1 crossbar
4x bearing block, single
1 bearing block, double
1 set of drive elements, consisting of
- 2 toothed belt pulleys
- toothed belt
- 2 chain sprockets
- roller chain
- 2 gear wheels
- bevel gear set
- worm gear
- bored worm

- rack
- 2x fixing block with guide bush
- shaft
- 2 shafts with square shaft end
- hand crank
- set of small items (bolts, spacer bushes, clamp

  rings, reducer bushes, shaft nuts, featherkeys)
1 set of assembly tools
1 storage case
1 set of instructional material, consisting of 
  technical description of system, complete set of

  drawings with individual parts and parts list,

  description of assembly processes, specimen


Order Details

030.41000  GL 410  Gear Assembly Unit:

                                 Simple Drives

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