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CT 159
Modular Test Stand for Single Cylinder Engines, 2,2kW
Mounting of the engine, fuel and air supply for the engine and recording and display relevant measurement data

HM 365
Universal Drive and Brake Unit
Core component for experiments on various engines and machines

CT 150
Four-Stroke Petrol Engine for CT 159
Four-stroke petrol engine with side valves

CT 151
Four-Stroke Diesel Engine for CT 159
Four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection

CT 152
Four-Stroke Petrol Engine w. Variable Compression for CT 159
Modified for variable compression

CT 153
Two-Stroke Petrol Engine for CT 159
Two-stroke petrol engine

CT 159.01
Electronic Engine Indicating System for CT 159
Cylinder pressure indication system

CT 159.02
Exhaust Gas Analysing Unit
Measurement of exhaust gas relevant parameters

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