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HL 620
Domestic Heating System Control Training Panel
Operation of a modern heating controller

HL 630
Efficiency in Heating Technology
Basic principles of heating technology with PC learning support

ET 202
Principles of Solar Thermal Energy
Demonstration model of a solar thermal system

HL 313
Domestic Water Heating with Flat Collector
Conversion of solar energy into heat

HL 300
Central Heating System
Function and operating behaviour of a modern heating system with digital heating controller

HL 353
Hot Water Generator
Set-up of a complete domestic heating system together with HL 353.01 and/or HL 353.02

HL 353.01
Comparison of Different Heating Types
2 independent heating circuits: floor heating / forced convector with fan, 2 radiators

HL 353.02
Heat Distribution and Control in Heating Systems
2 independent heating circuits: heating circuit with 1 riser / heating circuit with 2 risers

HL 350
Oil Burner Demonstrator
Boiler with viewing windows for observing the flame

HL 351
Domestic Heating Boiler
Boiler with oil burner

HL 352
Domestic Water Heating System
Trainer for gas, oil and combination burners

HL 860
Exhaust Gas Analyser
Easy to operate gas analysis device

HL 360
Oil Tank Safety Trainer
Trainer on heating oil storage in tanks

HL 392C
Safety & Control in Heating Systems
Function and operating behaviour of: safety valve, quick-action ventilating valve, safety pressure cut-out, thermal discharge safety device, thermostatic valve, temperature controller, air separator, flow switch

HL 510
Domestic Gas Supply Training Panel
Exercises on gas pipes

HL 500
Instantaneous Gas Heater
Methods of gas burner adjustment, fault simulation

HL 358
Forced Air Gas Burner Training Panel
Simulation of gas burner operation

HL 356
Demo Unit, Gas Burner
Electronic simulation of the operation of a forced air gas burner

HL 530
Training Panel Function of Gas Heater
Clearly arranged components of a typical combination boiler; separate circuits for room heating and domestic water heating

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