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FT 901
Drilling Kit
Investigation of cutting geometry: cutting angle, clearance angle, incorrect cutter profile

FT 903
Countersinking Kit
Applications of different countersink angles

FT 905
Reaming Kit
Checking a fit with the limit plug gauge

FT 907
Grinding Kit
Comprehensive instructional kit of typical abrasives and grinding tools used in engineering

FT 909
Turning Kit
Familiarisation with different lathe tools (shape, application) and reversible carbide tips (cutting geometry)

FT 913
Milling Kit
Discussion of specific applications for the various milling cutters

FT 100
Cutting Forces during Drilling
Measurement of feed force and torque

FT 102
Cutting Forces during Turning
Measurement of the forces acting on the lathe tool

FT 200
Forming by Bending
Permanent deformation of flat bars

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