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CE 310.03 Stirred Tanks in Series Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description
The series of stirred tanks is used as an accessory to the CE 310 Chemical Reactors Trainer to study the behaviour of reactors connected in series in respect of the reaction kinetics. Three stirred tanks, each with the same capacity, and a tubular flow section as an additional delay element are connected in series. The tank walls are made of borosilicate glass resistant to chemicals. Each tank has an electric motor driven stirrer and a gland for the combined conductivity and temperature measuring probe. To switch the measuring probes to the display unit, a hand-operated measuring point change-over switch is included.
Learning Objectives / Experiments
Saponification of ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide in three stirred tanks connected in series and a tubular flow section, comparison of reactant conversion at varying reactant flow rates
Series circuit consisting of three stirred tank reactors and one tubular flow section
[1] Stirred tanks in series with tubular flow delay section as an accessory for CE 310 Chemical Reactors Trainer
[2] 3 stirred tank reactors, capacity 1.2ltr each
[3] Tank material borosilicate glass
[4] 3 electric motor driven stirrers 0...300rpm
[5] Delay section length 2.8m
[6] Effective section capacity 0.2ltr
Technical Data
3 reaction tanks, 1 delay section
Tank capacity: 1.2ltr each
Delay section length: 2.8m
Effective section capacity: 0.2ltr
Stirrer speed: 0...300rpm
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 470 x 460 x 400 mm
Weight : approx. 32 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 set of stirred tanks in series with delay section, 3 measuring probes, 1 measuring point switch
Order Details
083.31003 CE 310.03 Stirred Tanks in Series
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