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RT 450.01 Controlled System Module: Level Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  The RT 450.01 consists of a clear plastic level tank as the principle element and uses water as the working medium. The tank is set up in such a way that it is hermetically sealed if all taps and valves are closed. This enables experiments to be performed with the tank under internal pressure.  For safety, the level tank is fitted with a safety valve and is enclosed in a transparent plastic protective sleeve. The tank includes fittings for the attachment of a pressure sensor (RT 450.31) or a level sensor (RT 450.35). It is installed in the base module RT 450. A control valve (e.g. RT 450.21) and a controller (RT 450.10) complete the control loop.


Learning Objectives / Experiments
- setting up a level control loop
- comparison of different sensors for level measurement
- level control against trapped-air cushion
- level / flow cascade control (with RT 450.02)

* Main element in constructing a level control loop

Available accessories
RT 450 -- Process Automation Training System: Base Module 
RT 450.02 -- Controlled System Module: Flow
RT 450.10 -- Continuous Controller Module
RT 450.12 -- Chart Recorder Module
RT 450.13 -- Digital Display
RT 450.14 -- Software for Controller Configuration
RT 450.21 -- Control Valve, Pneumatically Driven, Kvs 1,0
RT 450.24 -- Control Valve, Electrically Driven, Kvs 1,0
RT 450.31 -- Pressure Sensor, 0...2bar
RT 450.32 -- Pressure Sensor, 0...100mbar
RT 450.35 -- Level Sensor, Capacitive
RT 450.40 -- Visualisation Software
RT 450.41 -- Profibus DP Module for Controller
RT 450.42 -- PLC Module with Software
RT 450.43 -- Profibus DP Module for PLC
Alternative products
RT 010 -- Training System: Level Control, HSI
RT 512 -- Level Control Trainer
RT 614 -- Level Control Demonstration Unit
RT 674 -- Flow / Level Control Demonstration Unit
RT 450 Modular Process Automation Training System

[1] level control loop set-up (in conjunction with other modules from the RT 450 series)
[2] ready-to-install compact panel assembly
[3] transparent glass tank with overflow, drain valve and manometer
[4] glass tank can be hermetically sealed
[5] plexiglass protective sleeve
[6] PVC tank base and cover
[7] adjustable safety valve
[8] fitting for attaching pressure sensor or level sensor
[9] water as the working medium, supply via base module RT 450

[10] cascade control option in conjunction with RT 450.02


Technical Data

- capacity: max. 7L
- filling level: max. 475mm
- operating pressure: max. 2bar
Manometer: 02,5bar
Safety valve: 1...4bar adjustable


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 510x300x650mm
Weight: approx. 30kg
Scope of Delivery
1 level tank mounted on panel, complete with valves, taps, rapid action couplings for fitting sensors, protective sleeve and manometer
Order Details

080.45001  RT 450.01  Controlled System

                                      Module: Level

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