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RT 450.02 Controlled System Module: Flow Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  The RT 450.02 consists of a rotameter as the principle element and uses water as the working medium. A valve can be used to adjust the flow resistance and thus change the flow properties of the controlled system.
  A major advantage of this controlled system is that the rotameter allows all changes in the flow rate caused by faults or responses to a control action to be directly observed.
  A control loop for flow control experiments is set up using the base module RT 450, a control valve (RT 450.2x), the RT 450.10 controller and a sensor (e.g. RT 450.34).


Learning Objectives / Experiments
- setting up of a flow control loop
- comparison of different sensors for flow measurement
- level / flow cascade control (with RT 450.01)
* Main element in constructing a flow control loop
Available accessories
RT 450 -- Process Automation Training System: Base Module 
RT 450.01 -- Controlled System Module: Level
RT 450.10 -- Continuous Controller Module
RT 450.12 -- Chart Recorder Module
RT 450.13 -- Digital Display
RT 450.14 -- Software for Controller Configuration
RT 450.21 -- Control Valve, Pneumatically Driven, Kvs 1,0
RT 450.24 -- Control Valve, Electrically Driven, Kvs 1,0
RT 450.33 -- Orifice with Differential Pressure Sensor
RT 450.34 -- Flow Rate Sensor: Electromagnetic
RT 450.40 -- Visualisation Software
RT 450.41 -- Profibus DP Module for Controller
RT 450.42 -- PLC Module with Software
RT 450.43 -- Profibus DP Module for PLC
Alternative products
RT 020 -- Training System: Flow Control, HSI
RT 522 -- Flow Control Trainer
RT 624 -- Flow Control Demonstration Unit
RT 674 -- Flow / Level Control Demonstration Unit
RT 450 Modular Process Automation Training System

[1] flow control loop set-up (in conjunction with other modules from the RT 450 series)
[2] ready-to-install compact panel assembly
[3] rotameter with scale
[4] stop valve in the inlet section
[5] water as the working medium, supply via base module RT 450
[6] optional cascade control in conjunction with RT 450.01


Technical Data

Rotameter: 0...2,5m/h


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 250x180x700mm
Weight: approx. 10kg
Scope of Delivery
1 rotameter mounted on panel, complete with stop valve and connections
Order Details

080.45002  RT 450.02  Controlled System

                                      Module: Flow

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