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HL 962.02 Canned Motor Pump Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  Canned motor pumps are used primarily in process engineering to pump aggressive, toxic, fire-hazard, explosive, delicate or volatile liquids (such as liquid gases). They are also suitable for pumping extremely hot or cold products, and liquids under high system pressure or under vacuum.

  The pump is a fully self-contained centrifugal pump with no shaft seal, the drive is provided electro-magnetically via the canned motor. Its design means it is completely leak-tight and largely maintenance-free. Part of the primary flow is branched off by way of a self-cleaning filter to cool the motor and lubricate the journal bearings, and to provide hydraulic compensation for the axial thrust. After passing through the hollow shaft and the rotor chamber, the medium is returned to the delivery side.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Operation of a canned motor pump

- Recording the pump characteristic (in the complete HL 962 system)

- Leak testing (in the complete HL 962 system)



* Hermetic centrifugal pump, particularly suitable for
  pumping liquid gases

* For installation in assembly stand HL 962

Alternative products
HL 962.01 -- Standard Chemicals Pump
HL 962.03 -- Side Channel Pump
HL 962.04 -- Standard Chemicals Pump with Magnetic Clutch
HL 962 Assembly and Maintenance Exercises: Pipes, Fittings, Pumps

[1] Hermetic pump for aggressive liquids

[2] Drive: Three-phase squirrel-cage motor

[3] Maintenance-free pump

[4] Designed for installation in HL 962

[5] 400V, 50Hz, 3 phase, connection via HL 962


Technical Data

Canned motor pump
- max. flow rate: 20m/h
- max. head: 39m
- power consumption: 2,5kW
- nominal speed: 2900min-1
Connecting flange
- delivery side (radial): DN 32
- intake side (axial): DN 50


Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h: 510x240x305mm

Weight: approx. 62kg

Scope of Delivery
1 pump, 1 set of technical documentation
Order Details
065.96202  HL 962.02  Canned Motor Pump
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