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MT 180
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Centrifugal Pump
Pump according to DIN 24255

MT 181
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
Four-stage, normally primed centrifugal pump

MT 182
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Screw Pump
Three-spindle screw pump with one driving spindle and two delivery spindles

MT 183
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Diaphragm Pump
Flow setting by manual stroke length adjustment

MT 184
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Piston Pump
Piston pump with air vessel to compensate for pressure surges

MT 185
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: In-Line Centrifugal Pump
Pump shaft sealing with floating ring seal

MT 186
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Gear Pump
Quiet running owing to the plastic / metal gear wheel pairing

HL 962
Assembly Stand for Pumps
Base unit when constructing a complex piping system

HL 962.01
Standard Chemicals Pump
Typical pump as used in process engineering

HL 962.02
Canned Motor Pump
Hermetic centrifugal pump, particularly suitable for pumping liquid gases

HL 962.03
Side Channel Pump
Self-priming three-stage pump

HL 962.04
Standard Chemicals Pump with Magnetic Clutch
Hermetic centrifugal pump according to ISO 5199

RT 395
Maintenance of Valves and Fittings and Actuators
Comparison of 4 different actuators

RT 396
Pump and Valves and Fittings Test Stand
Plotting characteristics of industrial valves and fittings

MT 210
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration
Study project with high practical relevance for training in metal and electrical professions: set-up of a refrigeration system from individual components

MT 190
Assembly Project: Materials Tester
Highly practice-oriented assembly project for training in the metalworking trades: assembly kit to build a unit for carrying out materials testing experiments

MT 190.01
Assembly Project: Data Acquisition for Materials Tester
Interdisciplinary mechanical and electrical engineering assembly kit covering multiple learning fields: fully functional data acquisition for a materials tester with USB port and software

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