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MT 190 Assembly Project: Materials Tester Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  The fully assembled MT 190 system presents an actual fully functional materials tester which can be used for a wide range of materials testing. The test force is generated using a hand-operated hydraulic system. The test force is displayed using a large dial gauge indicator. The elongation of the test specimen is recorded on a dial gauge.
  Using MT 190, students can develop skills in the carrying out of complex project work. In the course of the project they independently develop an appreciation for  the fundamentals and correlations involved, then contribute to the overall outcome using teamworking skills. The skills acquired are the planning, execution and checking of assembly, commissioning, and maintenance operations.
  MT 190 is supplied in kit form. The kit contains all the mechanical components, measuring devices, hydraulic components complete with sealing elements, and piping material complete with all connecting elements. 

  The assembly process involves basic mechanical construction, hydraulic assembly of the two cylinders, and assembly of the piping. All the necessary tools and aids, as well as comprehensive instructional material, are included.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Reading and understanding technical
- Planning and execution of assembly operations and
- Familiarisation with machine elements and
- Commissioning and checking of a materials tester
  following assembly
- Planning, execution and assessment of
  maintenance operations
- Fault analysis: Troubleshooting, fault assessment
  and repair
After assembly:
- Tensile test of metallic specimens
- Recording of stress-elongation diagrams
- Brinell hardness test


* Highly practice-oriented assembly project for

  training in the metalworking trades1
* Assembly kit to build a unit for carrying out

  materials testing experiments1
* Range of tasks can be expanded to include

  electronic data acquisition (MT 190.01)1
* Comprehensive, well-structured instructional

Available accessories
MT 190.01 -- Assembly Project: Data Acquisition for Materials Tester
Alternative products
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MT 140.02 -- Assembly Exercise: Piston Compressor
MT 210 -- Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration
WP 300 -- Universal Material Tester, 20 kN

[1] Assembly project for training in the metalworking trades
[2] Complete set of parts for a universal materials tester
[3] Force generation using hand-operated hydraulic system, no power supply necessary
[4] Cross-member frame with ground steel pillars, compressive and tensile force can be generated
[5] Precise pillar guide located in linear ball bearings
[6] Hydraulic assembly of 2 cylinders
[7] Hydraulic system piping assembly
[8] Grey cast iron machine base
[9] 2 measuring gauges: displacement dial gauge and dynamometer
[10] Space available for test specimens 165x65mm
[11] Complete assembly tool kit
[12] The assembly project forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice line


Technical Data

Max. test force: 20kN
Max. stroke: 45mm
Space available for test specimens: 165x65mm
Dynamometer: 0...20kN, graduations: 0,5kN
Displacement gauge: 0...20mm, graduations: 0,01mm
Tensile specimens: B6x30 DIN 50125
Test sphere diameter for Brinell test: D=10mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 610x520x850mm (assembled)
Weight: approx. 51kg
Scope of Delivery
1 complete set of materials tester parts
1 dynamometer
1 displacement dial gauge
1 set of tools and assembly aids
1 set of small and replacement parts (e.g. seals)
1 set of tensile specimens
1 set of instructional material, consisting of
- technical description of system, complete set of
  drawings with individual parts and parts list,
  description of maintenance and repair processes,
  suggested exercises
Order Details

051.19000  MT 190  Assembly Project:

                                 Materials Tester

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