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TM 280
Journal Bearing Apparatus
Unit for demonstrating the distribution of lubricating films in plain bearings

TM 282
Journal Bearing Friction Apparatus
Learning the fundamentals of hydrodynamic lubrication by experimentation

TM 290
Hydrodynamic Bearing Apparatus
Investigating different bearing clearances with journals of a shaft of different diameters

TM 260
Tribology Trainer Basic Module
Modular experimental system on sliding and rolling friction

TM 260.01
Experimental Module Rolling / Sliding Disc
Slip forces in two discs rubbing together

TM 260.02
Experimental Module Optical Elastohydrodynamics
Investigation of the form and thickness of lubrication films

TM 260.03
Experimental Module Pin on Disc
Investigations into wear on pairs of friction materials with surface contact

TM 260.04
Experimental Module Slip / Stick & Friction Vibration
Difference between static and sliding friction, appearance of transition

TM 260.05
Experimental Module Block on Ring Friction
Pairs of friction materials with point contact having different lubrication states

TM 260.06
Experimental Module Journal Bearing Pressure Distribution
Radial distribution of pressure in plain bearings

TM 262
Hertzian Contact Apparatus
Demonstration of the characteristics of a contact area

CE 105
Corrosion Studies Unit
Easy to observe experiments on corrosion and corrosion protection using specimens made of four different materials

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