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GL 110
Cam Mechanism
Demonstration and measurement of the displacement curves for cam mechanisms

GL 410
Gear Assembly Unit: Simple Drives
simple belt drive, simple chain drive, simple spur gear drive, bevel gear drive, worm gear drive, rack drive

GL 420
Gear Assembly Unit: Combined Drives
dual belt drive, chain drive with tensioning sprocket and spur gear transmission, dual spur gear drive, combined bevel gear and spur gear drive, combined worm and bevel gear drive, rack drive with spur gear drive

GL 430
Gear Assembly Unit: Step and Shift Gears
cone pulley drive, sliding gear unit, quick change gear unit, tumbler gear unit, change gear train, cam box (drop worm)

GL 200
Demonstrator for Lathe Gearing Layout
Open model of gear mechanism for an industrial lathe

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