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Process Engineering
Fundamentals of Process Engineering
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> Theory: Thermodynamics
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> Theory: Fundamentals of Control Engineering
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> Practice: System Components
> Applications of Control Engineering
RT 586
Control of Water Quality
Control of pH value, redox potential, oxygen concentration and electrical conductivity

RT 681
Multivariable Control: Vacuum Degassing
Model of "degassing of fluids" application from process engineering

RT 682
Multivariable Control: Stirred Tank
Typical application from process engineering with heat recovery

RT 580
Fault Finding in Control Systems
PLC to monitor safety devices

RT 310
Calibration Station
Calibration of control loop components using precision measuring technique

RT 512
Level Control Trainer
Level measurement by pressure sensor

RT 522
Flow Control Trainer
Flow rate measurement by electromagnetic sensor

RT 532
Pressure Control Trainer
Valves permit investigation of a first order controlled system (1 tank) or second order controlled system (2 in-line tanks)

RT 542
Temperature Control Trainer
Control response to switching control (2-point / 3-point controller), continuous control, and dead times

RT 552
pH-Value Control Trainer
Continuous pH-value control

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