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ET 250.02 Stand Alone Operation of Photovoltaic Modules  Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
ET 250.02 - A product from the GUNT 2E range
Technical Description

  Stand alone operation of photovoltaic modules excludes any access to a public mains grid. This kind of photovoltaic usage is chosen typically for applications in remote locations.
  ET 250.02 is conceptualized as an extension for ET 250 and provides typical components for stand alone photovoltaic systems. This includes a charge controller, an inverter and an accumulator. These components enable conversion of the solar electricity, provide supply on demand  and ensure  system safety.

  A connection cable feeds the photovoltaic DC current from ET 250 to the input of ET 250.02. Inside ET 250.01 the DC current passes safety devices and enters the charge controller. The charge controller adapts the voltage level for accumulator charging or for direct consumption. An inverter enables usage of typical  AC consumers.

  Measurements of current and voltage at predefined points of the system circuit allows detailed energy balances. Thus the performance of system components under varying demand and supply of electrical power can be studied.

  The well-structured instructional material sets out the basic principles and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with practical components for stand
  alone use of photovoltaic electricity

- functioning of a DC switch-disconnector and
  over voltage protection
- functioning of a charge regulator with integrated

  maximum power point tracking
- influence of the  workload on the efficiency of
- influence of fluctuations in solar energy and/or

  electricity usage on the overall system efficiency 



* unit with practical components for stand alone
   usage of solar electricity 1
* charge controller  providing  functions for maximum
   power point tracking and accumulator safety 1
* inverter for use of typical AC consumers 1
* dimmable halogen lamp for experiments under  
  varying elctrical load

Available accessories
ET 250 -- Solar Module Measurements

[1] extension for ET 250 Solar Module Measurements
[2] electrical components for photovoltaic stand alone operation  from practice
[3] circuit board with integrated measuring points for current and voltage
[4] combiner box with DC switch-disconnector and over voltage protection
[5] charge regulator with integrated maximum power point tracking
[6] accumulator for storage of solar electricity
[7] inverter for use of AC consumers
[8] socket with energy meter


Technical Data

DC switch-disconnector
-max. current: 30A
-rated voltage: 1000V
Over voltage protection
- rated impulse current 20kA
Charge Regulator
- charge current: 20A
- charge stop voltage: 14V
- input voltage: 12V
- output power: 150W
- rated voltage: 12V
- rated capacity: 12Ah


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 600x300x800mm
Weight: ca. 48kg
Required for Operation
ET 250
Scope of Delivery
1 training unit
1 set of instruction materia
Order Details

061.25002  ET 250.02 Stand Alone Operation

                                          of Photovoltaic Modules

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