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MT 185
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: In-Line Centrifugal Pump
Pump shaft sealing with floating ring seal

MT 180
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Centrifugal Pump
Pump according to DIN 24255

MT 181
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
Four-stage, normally primed centrifugal pump

MT 182
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Screw Pump
Three-spindle screw pump with one driving spindle and two delivery spindles

MT 183
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Diaphragm Pump
Flow setting by manual stroke length adjustment

MT 184
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Piston Pump
Piston pump with air vessel to compensate for pressure surges

MT 186
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Gear Pump
Quiet running owing to the plastic / metal gear wheel pairing

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