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HM 115
Hydrostatics Trainer
A well equipped hydrostatics bench allowing numerous experiments on the topic of hydrostatics of liquid and gases

HM 150.06
Stability of Floating Bodies
Determining metacentre and buoyancy using a rectangular hull cross-section

HM 150.39
Floating Bodies for HM 150.06
Stability of hulls with different forms

HM 150.18
Osborne Reynolds Experiment
Visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow

HM 150.07
Bernoulli's Principle
Static pressure and total pressure distribution along the venturi nozzle

HM 150.08
Measurement of Jet Forces
Demonstration of the principle of linear momentum and impact forces on interchangeable deflectors with different deflection angles

HM 150.21
Visualisation of Streamlines in an Open Channel
Demonstrating flow and flow around various drag bodies and weirs using ink as contrast medium

HM 150.10
Visualisation of Streamlines
Investigation of flow around models in laminar, two-dimensional flow using ink as contrast medium

HM 152
Potential Flow
Two-dimensional, inviscid potential flow; sources and sinks, individually or in combination

HM 150.09
Horizontal Flow from a Tank
Demonstration of Torricelli's theorem in visual form

HM 150.12
Vertical Flow from a Tank
Determination of flow rate coefficients and flow rate for various water heads and experiments on discharge jets

HM 150
Base Module for Experiments in Fluid Mechanics
Volumetric flow measurement for large and small flow rates

HM 150.01
Pipe Friction for Laminar / Turbulent Flow
Determining the critical Reynolds number

HM 150.11
Losses in Piping Elements, Valves and Fittings
Investigating the influence of flow rate and cross-sectional profiles on pressure loss in pipes and fittings

HM 164
Open Channel and Closed Channel Flow
Flow processes on different structures in open and closed channel flows

HM 111
Pipe Networks
Investigation and analysis of different pipe systems in relation to pressure and flow rates

HM 150.19
Operating Principle of a Pelton Turbine
Model of a free jet turbine with adjustable nozzle and determination of the efficiency

HM 150.20
Operating Principle of a Francis Turbine
Model of a reaction turbine with adjustable guide vanes and determination of the efficiency

HM 150.04
Centrifugal Pump
Determining the characteristics of a typical centrifugal pump

HM 150.16
Series and Parallel Connected Pumps
Determining the characteristic curves and hydraulic power output and comparison of series and parallel operating modes

HM 156
Water Hammers and Surge Chamber
Water hammers in pipe, function of a surge chamber

HM 143
Transient Drainage Processes in Storage Reservoirs
Transient drainage processes in a rainwater retention basin; transient drainage processes in two water reservoirs located one behind the other

HM 160
Experimental Flume 86x300mm
Experimental section for performing flow experiments in open flumes with lengths of 2,5m or 5m available, closed water circuit and inclination adjustment

HM 162
Experimental Flume 309x450mm
Experimental section for performing flow experiments in open flumes with lengths of 5m, 7,5m, 10m or 12,5m available, closed water circuit and inclination adjustment

HM 161
Experimental Flume 600x800mm
Experimental section for performing flow experiments in open flumes of 16m length, closed water circuit, inclination adjustment

HM 162.32
Ogee-Crested Weir with 2 Weir Outlets
Base for a spillway

HM 162.40
Radial Gate
Accessory for expanding the modular flow channel

HM 162.30
Set of Plate Weirs, 4 Types
Investigations on various plate weirs

HM 162.51
Venturi Flume
Device for determining the flow rate in rivers and channels

HM 162.39
Roughened Bed
Simulation of a rough flow bed

HM 162.46
Set of Piers, 3 Profiles
Simulation of bridge pillars in a river

HM 162.41
Wave Generator
Unit for generating waves

HM 162.42
Plain Beach Simulation
Simulation of a sand beach

HM 166
Fundamentals of Sediment Transport
Investigation of the movement of sediment in flows

HM 140
Open-Channel Sediment Transport
Comprehensive investigation of sediment motion

HM 168
Sediment Transport in River Courses
Investigation of sediment migration with and without structures

HM 142
Separation in Sedimentation Tanks
Solid/liquid separation in a sedimentation tank, visualisation of flow conditions

HM 165
Studies in Hydrology
Basic experiments in the areas of the percolation action of rain and in ground water flow

HM 167
Ground Water Flow
Three-dimensional investigations and demonstration of flood and drainage

HM 169
Visualisation of Seepage Flows
Basic experiments in the areas of the percolation action of rain and in ground water flow

HM 145
Advanced Hydrological Investigations
Advanced experiments in the areas of the percolation action of rain and in ground water flow

HM 141
Hydrographs after Precipitation
Correlations between precipitation and percolation; storage capacity and drainage methods

CE 116
Cake and Depth Filtration
Cake and depth filtration with different suspensions and filter medium layers

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