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Technical Description

The HM 162.51 is a fully functional model of a Venturi channel measuring device. Its action is produced by a horizontally arranged constriction of the channel cross-section; this is formed using 2 Plexiglass side bodies. In this way the cross-section of the constriction is clearly visible. The flow processes of subcritical and supercritical flow can be clearly observed. Along with a flow rate measurement, an energy balance after Bernoulli can be clearly demonstrated in conjunction with the pitotstatic tube HM 162.50 and HM 162.59.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Flow rate measurement in open flumes using the continuity equation
- Investigation of flow and supercritical flow states

For measurement of water levels, the use of the level gauge HM 162.54 on the moving instrument carriage HM 162.59 is recommended.


* Device for determining the flow rate in rivers and



[1] Experimental set-up for fitting to the HM 162 Flow Channel
[2] Experimental set-up consisting of base plate, 2 side pieces, an adjusting screw, mounting bolts and seals

[3] l x w x h 900x304x450mm


Technical Data

Material: Plexiglass
Side element l x w x h: 870x78x430mm
Smallest cross-section, Venturi nozzle: 148mm


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 900 x 304 x 450 mm
Weight: approx. 20 kg
Scope of Delivery

1 experimental set-up

1 set of accessories
1 instruction manual

Order Details
070.16251  HM 162.51  Venturi Flume
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