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  Power Engineering Laboratories - Teaching Equipment - Energy Conversion - Electrical Machines + Power Electronics + Drives  

Power Engineering Lab
Energy Conversion
Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Drives

elecrical machines trainer power electronics trainer drives trainer

Electrical Machines Trainer
DC Machines
AC Machines
Asynchronous Machines
Synchronous / Reluctance Machines
Three-phase Machines
Transformer Trainer
Winding Transformer Coils
Winding Electrical Machine Coils

Power Electronics and Electric Motor Drives Trainers
Loss-free Control of Electrical Machines
Line-Commutated Converter Circuits
Converter Drives with DC Motors
Self-Commutated Converter Circuits
Frequency Converter Drives
Servo Drives
Converter Drives with a DC Motor

Model-Based Development of Drives with Matlab® / Simulink®
Expand your System to a Programmable, Rapid Prototyping System for Drives
Field-Oriented Control of Asynchronous Motors with Matlab® / Simulink®
Variable-Speed Permanent-Magnet Servo Drives with Matlab® / Simulink®
DC Drives with Cascade Control Using Matlab® / Simulink®

Industrial Drives Trainer
Parameterization of Industrial Components
Smooth starting Three-phase Machines
Frequency Converter Drives
Project Work: Industrial Wiring of Frequency-converter Drives
PLC controlled Drive Systems
Positioning with Synchronous Servo Drives
Motor Management Relays

unitrain platform electrical machines power electronics

Versatile UniTrain-I Desktop Training Platform

As an Electrical Machines Trainer
DC Machines
Synchronous Machines
Asynchronous Machines
Stepping Motors
BLDC / Servo Motors
Linear Motors
Single & Three-phase Transformers
Electromagnetic Compatibility

As a Power Electronics & Motor Drives Trainer
Line-Commutated Power Converters
Self-Commutated Power Converters
Frequency Converter Drives
Active Power Factor Correction PFC



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