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HM 152
Potential Flow
Two-dimensional, inviscid potential flow; sources and sinks, individually or in combination

HM 153
Visualization of Different Flows
Visualisation of incident flow, flow through and flow around

HM 170.20
Aerofoil, Spring-Mounted
Self-starting oscillations

HM 133
Visualization of Flow Fields
Investigations in laminar and turbulent flow

HM 170
Open Educational Wind Tunnel
Experiments from the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics with an "Eiffel" type wind tunnel

HM 226
Wind Tunnel for Visualization of Streamlines
with fog generator and various models

HM 225
Aerodynamics Trainer
for experiments from the fields of flow around bodies and steady incompressible flow

CE 220
Fluidized Bed Formation
Comparison of fluidised bed formation in gases and liquids

HM 225.02
Boundary Layers
Investigation at two different rough surfaces

HM 225.04
Drag Forces
Measure when flowing around different models

HM 225.06
Coanda Effect
pneumatic logic element

HM 225.08
Visualization of Streamlines
with fog generator and various models

HM 136
Flow through Packed Columns
Flow through the column with water or air; parallel flow or counterflow mode

HM 170.28
Wake Measurement
Investigation of the wake when flowing around the cylinder

Aerodynamics Laboratory Equipment for Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnels, Flow Visualization