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> Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
> Steady Incompressible Flow
> Flow around Bodies
> Steady Flow of Compressible Fluids
> Examples of Transient Flow
> Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines
> Components in Piping Systems and Plant Design
> Fluidic Experimental Plants
> Hydraulics for Civil Engineering
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Fluid Mechanics
Steady Incompressible Flow
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> Fundamentals of Steady Flow
> Flow in Pipe Systems
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> Cavitation
HM 240
Principles of Airflow
under construction!

HM 240.03
Electronic Pitot Sensor
under construction!

HM 240.04
Cylinder Pressure Distribution
under construction!

HM 240.05
Pipe Fittings
under construction!

HM 240.06
Heat Transfer
under construction!

HM 241
Principles of Hydraulics
under construction!

HM 220
Airflow Study Unit
under construction!

HM 220.01
Venturi Tube
Bernoulli accessory module

HM 220.02
Boundary Layer Flow
under construction!

HM 225
Aerodynamics Trainer
for experiments from the fields of flow around bodies and steady incompressible flow

HM 225.03
Bernoulli's Equation Apparatus
under construction!

HM 225.05
Flow Around a Bend
under construction!

HM 225.07
Round Turbulent Jet Apparatus
under construction!

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