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> Flow around Bodies
> Steady Flow of Compressible Fluids
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Fluid Mechanics
Fluidic Experimental Plants - Pump Trainers
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HL 962
Assembly Stand for Pumps
Base unit when constructing a complex piping system

HL 962.01
Standard Chemicals Pump
Typical pump as used in process engineering

HL 962.02
Canned Motor Pump
Hermetic centrifugal pump, particularly suitable for pumping liquid gases

HL 962.03
Side Channel Pump
Self-priming three-stage pump

HL 962.04
Standard Chemicals Pump with Magnetic Clutch
Hermetic centrifugal pump according to ISO 5199

HM 362
Comparison of Pumps
Investigation of the operating behaviour of centrifugal, piston and side-channel pumps

HM 405
Axial-Flow Turbomachines
under construction!

HM 215
Two-Stage Axial - Flow Fan
under construction!

HL 710
Air Duct Systems
Planning and set-up of simple and complex air duct systems

ST 510
Full-Scale Sewerage System
Important aspects of waste water systems

HM 168
Sediment Transport in River Courses
Investigation of sediment migration with and without structures

HM 124
Fluid Mechanics Experimental Plant
under construction!

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