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WL 204
Marcet Boiler
Measurement of pressure and temperature

WL 102
Change of State of Gases
Isothermic and isochoric change of state of air

WL 210
Flow Boiling Demonstration
Flow regimes for forced convection boiling inside a tube

HM 115
Hydrostatics Trainer
A well equipped hydrostatics bench allowing numerous experiments on the topic of hydrostatics of liquid and gases

WL 220
Boiling Heat Transfer Unit
Evaporation at a heated cylinder

RT 010
Training System: Level Control, HSI
Level control system with integral control action

WL 230
Condensation Unit
Different modes of condensation

RT 020
Training System: Flow Control, HSI
Rapid flow control system

ET 805.50
Throttling Calorimeter
Determining the quality of a two-phase liquid-vapour mixture

RT 030
Training System: Pressure Control, HSI
Pressure control system with PT1 behaviour

ET 850
Steam Generator Module
Laboratory scale steam generator for wet or superheated steam

ET 350
Changes of State in the Refrigeration Circuit
Energetic analyses of the refrigeration cycle

RT 040
Training System: Temperature Control, HSI
Temperature control system with dead time

CE 110
Diffusion in Liquids and Gases
Use of Fick’s Law

RT 050
Training System: Speed Control, HSI
Speed control system with PT1 behaviour

WL 352
Free and Forced Convection Unit
Convective heat transfer in a duct

HM 150.18
Osborne Reynolds Experiment
Visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow

WL 372
Heat Conduction Unit 
Radial and linear heat conduction in solid materials

WL 373
Heat Conduction in Gases and Liquids
Quantitative experiments on heat conduction

HM 150.07
Bernoulli's Principle
Static pressure and total pressure distribution along the venturi nozzle

WL 377
Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus
Heat transfer by convection and radiation in gases

WL 110
Heat Exchanger Service Unit
Service unit for four different types of heat exchange

WL 110.01
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Parallel flow and counterflow operation possible

WL 110.02
Plate Heat Exchanger
Parallel flow and counterflow operation possible

WL 110.03
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Cross parallel flow and cross counterflow operation possible

WL 110.04
Jacketed Vessel with Stirrer & Coil
Heating using jacket or coiled tube

WL 225
Fluidisation and Heat Transfer
Effect of particle size on fluidisation

WL 320
Wet Cooling Tower
Principle of operation and characteristic variables of a wet cooling tower with forced ventilation

HM 150.12
Vertical Flow from a Tank
Determination of flow rate coefficients and flow rate for various water heads and experiments on discharge jets

HM 135
Drag Coefficients for Spheres
under construction!

HM 155
Water Hammers in Pipes
Investigation of water hammers and pressure waves in pipes: display of the pressure curve, determination of the reflection time

HM 150.01
Pipe Friction for Laminar / Turbulent Flow
Determining the critical Reynolds number

HM 150.11
Losses in Piping Elements, Valves and Fittings
Investigating the influence of flow rate and cross-sectional profiles on pressure loss in pipes and fittings

RT 800
PLC Application: Mixing Process
Trainer for control of discontinuous mixing processes by PLC

IA 130
PLC Module
Self-contained PLC module for basic exercises

IA 110
Calibrating a Pressure Sensor
Test-pressure generated with dead-weight piston manometer

WL 201
Air Humidity Measurement
Climatic chamber with adjustable humidity and transparent door

WL 202
Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement
Experimental introduction to temperature measurement (eight different temperature measurement methods): methods, areas of application, characteristics

WL 203
Methods of Pressure Measurement
Measurement of pressure above and below atmosphere

HM 500
Flow Meter Trainer
Comparison and calibration of different flow meters

FL 140
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Thick-Walled Cylinder
Triaxial stress state in cylinder wall; cylinder with strain gauge application on surface and in wall

FL 130
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Thin-Walled Cylinder
Determination of axial and circumferential stress from measured strains; cylinder with strain gauge application as vessel

FL 151
Multi-Channel Measurement Amplifier
Processing of analogue strain gauge measuring signals for FL 120 - FL 140 and for GUNT trusses

CE 105
Corrosion Studies Unit
Easy to observe experiments on corrosion and corrosion protection using specimens made of four different materials

CE 271
Multi-Head Diaphragm Pump
Metering pump with 3 pump heads

CE 272
Slide Vane Rotary Vacuum Pump
Recording of vacuum generation over time

ET 500
Two-Stage Piston Compressor
Two-stage compressor with intercooler

MT 140.02
Assembly Exercise: Piston Compressor
Practical assembly of an industrial compressor, using simple tools and jigs

MT 140.01
Assembly Exercise Piston Compressor: Functional Test
Test bed for MT 140.02 or MT 140: evaluation of assembly is possible

ET 860
Steam Boiler Safety & Control
Familiarisation with the design and function of boiler safety devices

WL 315C
Heat Exchanger Trainer
Comparison of different heat exchanger types

RT 586
Control of Water Quality
Control of pH value, redox potential, oxygen concentration and electrical conductivity

RT 681
Multivariable Control: Vacuum Degassing
Model of "degassing of fluids" application from process engineering

RT 682
Multivariable Control: Stirred Tank
Typical application from process engineering with heat recovery

RT 580
Fault Finding in Control Systems
PLC to monitor safety devices

RT 310
Calibration Station
Calibration of control loop components using precision measuring technique

RT 512
Level Control Trainer
Level measurement by pressure sensor

RT 522
Flow Control Trainer
Flow rate measurement by electromagnetic sensor

RT 532
Pressure Control Trainer
Valves permit investigation of a first order controlled system (1 tank) or second order controlled system (2 in-line tanks)

RT 542
Temperature Control Trainer
Control response to switching control (2-point / 3-point controller), continuous control, and dead times

RT 552
pH-Value Control Trainer
Continuous pH-value control

HM 700.04
Cutaway Model: Straight-Way Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

HM 700.05
Cutaway Model: Corner Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

HM 700.06
Cutaway Model: Angle Seat Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

MT 156
Assembly Exercise: Wedge Gate Valve and Angle Seat Valve
Practical exercise based on the assembly of a gate valve and an angle seat valve

MT 157
Assembly Exercise: Butterfly Valve and Non-Return Valve
Practical exercise based on the assembly of a butterfly valve and a non-return valve

HM 700.08
Cutaway Model: Pressure Reducing Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

MT 158
Assembly Exercise: Ball Valve and Shut-off Valve
Practical exercise based on the assembly of a ball valve and a globe valve

MT 162
Hydraulic Valves and Fittings Test Stand
Final testing for the GUNT MT 154, MT 156, MT 157 and MT 158 assembly projects

HL 960
Assembly Station: Pipes and Valves and Fittings
Practically oriented assembly of real piping and system installations; in conjunction with HL 960.01: operational testing of the pipe network

HM 700.11
Cutaway Model: Straight-Way Plug Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

HL 960.01
Assembly and Alignment of Pumps and Drives
Installing a pump in a system

HM 700.12
Cutaway Model: 3-Way Plug Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

RT 395
Maintenance of Valves and Fittings and Actuators
Comparison of 4 different actuators

HM 700.13
Cutaway Model: Ball Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

RT 396
Pump and Valves and Fittings Test Stand
Plotting characteristics of industrial valves and fittings

HM 700.14
Cutaway Model: Safety Valve
Commercial fitting as cutaway model

MT 180
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Centrifugal Pump
Pump according to DIN 24255

MT 181
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
Four-stage, normally primed centrifugal pump

MT 182
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Screw Pump
Three-spindle screw pump with one driving spindle and two delivery spindles

MT 183
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Diaphragm Pump
Flow setting by manual stroke length adjustment

MT 184
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Piston Pump
Piston pump with air vessel to compensate for pressure surges

MT 186
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Gear Pump
Quiet running owing to the plastic / metal gear wheel pairing

HM 365.11
Centrifugal Pump Module
Characteristics of a standard pump

VS 102
Cutaway Model: Resilient Seated Gate Valve
Cutaway model from water and gas mains

HM 365.14
Series / Parallel Pumps Module
Investigation of the pump characteristic of series and parallel configurations of 2 pumps

VS 103
Cutaway Model: Screw Down Valve
Cutaway model from water and gas mains

HM 365.15
Side Channel Pump Module
Investigation of the pump characteristic of a side channel type centrifugal pump

VS 104
Cutaway Model: Changeover Valve
Cutaway model from water and gas mains

HM 365.17
Piston Pump Module
Characteristics of a reciprocating pump

HM 365.10
Water Pump Supply Module
under construction!

VS 106
Cutaway Model: Backflow Preventer
Cutaway model from water and gas mains

HM 365
Universal Drive and Brake Unit
Core component for experiments on various engines and machines

VS 107
Cutaway Model: Non-Return Butterfly Valve
Cutaway model from water and gas mains

VS 109
Cutaway Model: Strainer
Cutaway model from water and gas mains

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