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TM 260 Tribology Trainer Basic Module Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description
The trainer enables different sliding and rolling friction cases to be investigated. The parameters of a tribological system can be assessed during this process. The drive module is the basis for experiments with a range of accessories. The unit consists of a sturdy frame made of anodised aluminium section. Rubber feet ensure that the table unit does not slip. The individual accessory modules are driven using a DC drive motor. The motor is connected to the controller. The rotational speed can be continuously and finely adjusted using a 10-turn potentiometer. The speed is regulated electronically and displayed digitally. Friction forces are measured using strain gauge transducers. The controller processes this data and displays it digitally. Snap-action fasteners for fixing the accessory modules to the frame simplify the rapid assembly and disassembly of the experiments.  
Learning Objectives / Experiments

The following experiments can be performed with the basic module when fitted with the appropriate accessory:
- Combined rolling and sliding friction of two discs

  with slip
- Elastohydrodynamic behaviour, EHD, rolling friction

  of a spherical object against a flat surface
- Abrasion testing: pin against a disc
- Abrasion testing: abrasive disc experiment
- Friction vibration and "stick-slip" effects
- Distribution of pressure in plain bearings


* Drive module for investigating various sliding and

  rolling friction cases1
* Electronic measurement of the contact pressure

  between the friction materials using strain gauges1
* Modular overall concept

Available accessories
TM 260.01 -- Experimental Module Rolling / Sliding Disc
TM 260.02 -- Experimental Module Optical Elastohydrodynamics
TM 260.03 -- Experimental Module Pin on Disc
TM 260.04 -- Experimental Module Slip / Stick & Friction Vibration
TM 260.05 -- Experimental Module Block on Ring Friction
TM 260.06 -- Experimental Module Journal Bearing Pressure Distribution

[1] Basic module for experiments on tribological systems
[2] Base frame made of anodised aluminium profile
[3] Modular layout as table unit
[4] Rapid assembly due to special fasteners
[5] Swivelling drive consisting of DC motor and worm drive 15:1
[6] Operating speed: 0...200rpm, continuous, electronically controlled, 8-digit speed display
[7] Force measurement using strain gauges, 0...50N, 3-digit digital display
[8] Incremental encoder: number of pulses 6/360
[9] Control housing l x w x h 370x270x190mm
[10] l x w x h 500x450x200mm


Technical Data

DC motor

- supply: 24V
- nominal speed: 3000rpm
- torque: 18.5Nm
Worm drive: ratio 15:1
Operating speed: 0 ... 200rpm, electronically controlled
Speed display, 8-digit
Incremental encoder: number of pulses 6/360
Force measurement using strain gauges, 0...50N, display 3-digit, digital


Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 500 x 450 x 200 mm
Weight : approx. 16 kg

l x w x h : 370 x 270 x 190 mm (control housing)

Required for Operation
230V , ~50Hz
Scope of Delivery

1 base frame

1 motor with gearbox
1 controller

1 instruction manual

Order Details

040.26000  TM 260  Tribology Trainer Basic


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