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HM 112 Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC Print page
Technical Description


The HM 112 trainer permits basic experiments on fluid mechanics. The experimental set-up is clearly laid out on a laboratory trolley. Due the use of a sealed water circuit, the trainer is particularly suitable for use in training and seminar rooms, and also lecture theatres. The system contains pressure and flow rate sensors that allow the values measured to be further processed on a PC. 6 different pipe sections and 8 components are used as measurement objects; of the 8 components, 5 represent components built into pipes, e.g. a membrane valve or dirt trap. 3 measurement objects are manufactured from Plexiglass and represent a venturi tube, a pitot tube, a metering orifice and a metering nozzle. With the PC data acquisition card and software included measured values can be displayed and evaluated on a PC.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Pressure and velocity measurements using

  venturi/pitot tube
- Flow rate measurements using nozzle and orifice
- Investigations on the fittings
  * comparative measurement of pressure loss, head

    loss and flow rate in relation to the degree of

- Investigations on the pipes
  * pipe flow with friction, pipe constriction, pipe

    enlargement, elbows and bends, drag coefficients


* Clear layout for experiments on the basic principles

  of fluid mechanics1
* Evaluation of measured data on a PC1
* Large number of measurement objects and pipe

  sections that can be changed

Available accessories
HM 110.01 -- Set of Measuring Objects, Brass
Alternative products
HM 120 -- Pipe Fitting Loss Demo Panel
HM 122 -- Pressure Loss in Pipes

[1] Test stand for fluid mechanics experiments
[2] Experimental test set-up on mobile laboratory trolley, l x w x h 2000x780x1900mm
[3] Digital display of flow rate and pressure
[4] Displaying and processing of the measured data on a PC possible
[5] Measurement of flow rate using vane sensor 0...48L/min
[6] Hoses with rapid action couplings
[7] Pressure measurement with annular chambers
[8] 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase


Technical Data


- max. flow rate: 5.7m/h

- max. head 12.5m
Water tank: capacity 70L
Measuring section for installation of various measurement objects, PVC 32 x 1.8
Three pipe sections, straight, 1000mm
- 1/2", St, galvanized

- 18 x 1, Cu

- 20 x 1.5, PVC
Pipe section, narrowing continuously

- 20x1.5-16x1.2, PVC
Pipe section, widening continuously

- 20x1.5-32x1.8, PVC
Pipe section with 90 angle/bend

-20x1.5, PVC


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 2000 x 780 x 1900 mm
Empty weight: approx. 155 kg
Required for Operation
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Scope of Delivery

1 basic unit, complete with pipe sections and measurement objects

1 set of hoses with rapid action couplings

3 collection trays
1 data acquisition card with software
1 set of experiment instructions

Order Details
070.11200  HM 112  Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC
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