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HM 161 Experimental Flume 600x800mm Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

  The experimental flume HM 161 is the largest within the GUNT product range. The flow velocities that can be achieved in the experimental flume, and the long length of the experimental section, are the perfect conditions for designing your own projects. These projects can be very close approximations of reality.
  The experimental section is 16m long and has a cross-section of 600x800mm. The side walls of the experimental section are made of tempered glass, which allows excellent observation of the experiments. All components that come into contact with water are made of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic). The inlet element is designed so that the flow enters the experimental section with very little turbulence. The closed water circuit consists of a series of water tanks and a powerful pump. The tanks are included in the system in such a way that they also serve as a gallery which you can stand on. The user can thus comfortably reach any part of the experimental section.
  The experimental flume has a motorised inclination adjustment to allow simulation of slope and to create a uniform flow at a constant discharge depth.
  A wide selection of models, such as weirs, piers, flow-measuring flumes or a wave generator are available as accessories and ensure a

comprehensive programme of experiments. Most models are quickly and safely bolted to the bottom of the experimental section.  The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

Together with optionally available models
- uniform and non-uniform discharge
- flow formulae
- flow transition (hydraulic jump)
- energy dissipation (hydraulic jump, stilling basin)
- flow over control structures
  * weirs (sharp-crested, broad-crested, ogee-

  * discharge under gates
- flow-measuring flumes
- local losses due to obstacles
- water surface profiles
- transient flow
  * positive and negative surges
  * waves
- vibrating piles
- sediment transport


* Experimental section with transparent side walls,

  length 16m1
* Homogeneous flow through carefully designed

  inlet element1
* Models from all fields of hydraulic engineering

  available as accessories

Available accessories
HM 161.29 -- Sluice Gate
HM 161.30 -- Set of Plate Weirs, 4 Types
HM 161.31 -- Broad-Crested Weir
HM 161.32 -- Ogee-Crested Weir with 2 Weir Outlets
HM 161.33 -- Crump Weir
HM 161.34 -- Ogee-Crested Weir with Pressure Measurement
HM 161.35 -- Elements for Energy Dissipation
HM 161.36 -- Siphon Weir
HM 161.38 -- Rake
HM 161.39 -- Roughened Bed
HM 161.40 -- Radial Gate
HM 161.41 -- Wave Generator
HM 161.42 -- Plain Beach Simulation
HM 161.43 -- Permeable Beach Simulation
HM 161.44 -- Bottom Sill
HM 161.45 -- Culvert
HM 161.46 -- Set of Piers, 3 Profiles
HM 161.48 -- Rough Beach Simulation
HM 161.50 -- Pitotstatic Tube
HM 161.51 -- Venturi Flume
HM 161.52 -- Level Gauge
HM 161.53 -- 20-Tube Manometer
HM 161.54 -- Base Plate
HM 161.55 -- Parshall Flume
HM 161.59 -- Instrument Carrier
HM 161.60 -- Sediment Transport
HM 161.61 -- Vibrating Piles
HM 161.63 -- Trapezoidal Flume
HM 161.74 -- Pushing Plate for Wave Generator
HM 161.91 -- Digital Level Gauge
HM 162.64 -- Velocity Meter
Alternative products
HM 162 -- Experimental Flume 309x450mm
HM 161 Experimental Flume

[1] basic principles of open-channel flow
[2] experimental flume with experimental section, inlet and outlet element and closed water circuit
[3] length of the experimental section 16m
[4] smoothly adjustable inclination of the experimental section
[5] experimental section with evenly spaced threaded holes on the bottom for installing models or for pressure measurement
[6] side walls of the experimental section are made of tempered glass for excellent observation of the experiments
[7] experimental section with guide rails for the optionally available instrument carrier HM 161.59
[8] all surfaces in contact with water are made of corrosion-resistant materials
[9] flow-optimised inlet element for low-turbulence entry into the experimental section
[10] closed water circuit with 5 water tanks, pump, flow meter and manual flow adjustment
[11] water tanks form a gallery that can be walked on
[12] models from all fields of hydraulic engineering available as accessories 


Technical Data

Experimental section
- length: 16m
- flow cross-section WxH: 600x800mm
- inclination adjustment: -0,75...2,1%
- 3 spindle-type lifting gears
- 1x 2.300L
- 5x 4.300L
- power consumption: 15KW
- max. flow rate: 440m/h
- max. head: 17,5m
Flow rate measuring range: 20...400m/h


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 20.000x4.000x4.000mm
Weight empty: approx. 4.000kg
Required for Operation
400V, 50Hz, 3 phases
Scope of Delivery
1 experimental flume
1 set of instructional material
Order Details
070.16100  HM 161  Large Flow Channel
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