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HM 241 Principles of Hydraulics Print page
Technical Description


The HM 241 is part of a series of units that enable experiments to be performed on flow processes with the aid of a computer. Here several areas of incompressible flows can be investigated. After the recording of a pump characteristic curve, experiments on the topics of pipe flow and flow in open flumes can be performed. Water flows through a Venturi tube, an orifice, a bend, or a kink. During this process the pressure loss is measured and compared with the flow through a straight pipe. On flumes experiments can be performed on the open channel and on a channel with weir structures. Two different weir structures are supplied.
The HM 240.01 Data Logging Unit is necessary for the operation of the HM 241 Computer Linked Hydraulics Bench. If power data is to be displayed, the HM 240.02 Digital Power Meter is required.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
The Computer Linked Hydraulics Bench facilitates, together with the HM 241.01 Electronic Level Gauge, qualitative investigations on the following topics:
· Investigation of the flow of water in an open flume
· Investigation of weir structures in an open flume
· Pipe flow
· Pressure measurements at an orifice and Venturi tube
· Pressure measurements at pipe elbows and bends
· Recording of a pump characteristic curve
Experiments on open flumes
Experiments on pipe flow
PC data acquisition
Available accessories
HM 240.02 -- Power Meter
HM 241.01 -- Electronic Level Gauge
Alternative products
HM 150.11 -- Losses in Piping Elements, Valves and Fittings
HM 150.21 -- Visualisation of Streamlines in an Open Channel
[1] Bench on several areas of incompressible flow
[2] lxwxh 870x435x890mm, 45kg
[3] Venturi nozzle
[4] Orifice
[5] Pressure losses at bends and kinks
[6] Channel: lxwxh 500x25x210mm
[7] Wide crested weir
[8] Sharp edged overshoot weir
[9] 230V, ~50Hz
Technical Data
3 settings, can be switched
Maximum flow rate 27ltr/min
Pressure measurement 0...600mbar
Rounded inlet in pipe sections (except inlet to "Bend and Elbow”)
Min. Venturi diameter: 8mm
Min. orifice diameter: 8mm
System requirements, software Win 95/98
Dimensions and Weight
lxwxh : 870 x 435 x 890 mm
Weight empty : approx. 45 kg
Required for Operation
Via HM 240.02 with 230V, ~50Hz
Scope of Delivery
1 bench, complete, 2 weirs, 1 set of software floppy disks, 1 extension cable, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.24100 HM 241 Principles of Hydraulics
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