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WL 203 Methods of Pressure Measurement Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description

The manometer panel contains 2 tube and 2 dial manometers for the demonstration of alternative measurement methods. Test pressures in the millibar range are generated with the aid of the supplied syringe. All manometers of the manometer panel can be combined with one another using connecting hoses. It is possible to measure gauge pressure and vacuum. An additional Bourdon tube manometer can be calibrated with a dead-weight piston gauge.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with different pressure

  measurement methods
- function of a Bourdon tube manometer
- pressure measurements with U-tube and Bourdon

  tube manometers
- calibration of mechanical manometers

* Comparison of different types of pressure
* Comparison of different pressure measurement
[1] experimental unit with measuring devices for pressure and vacuum
[2] U-tube and inclined tube manometers
[3] bourdon tube manometer, pressure above atmospheric
[4] bourdon tube manometer, pressure below atmospheric
[5] plastic syringe generates test pressures in the millibar range
Technical Data

bourdon tube manometer: 0...60mbar
bourdon tube manometer: -60...0mbar
U-tube manometer: 0...500mmWC
inclined tube manometer: 0...500mmWC

- LxWxH: 750x600x780mm

- weight: 12kg
calibration device

- l x w x h: 400x400x400mm

- weight: 25kg


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 750 x 600 x 780 mm (panel)
Weight: approx. 37 kg
Scope of Delivery

1 experimental unit

1 calibration device, complete

1 set of hoses

1 manual

Order Details
060.20300  WL 203  Methods of Pressure 
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