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HM 162.10 Extension Element of the Experimental Flume Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description
The HM 162 Modular Flow Channel as supplied has a length of around 9m, the length of the working section is 5m. This section can be extended up to a length of 12.5m by adding extensions. The extensions have glass side walls and a base made of stainless steel. This enables the experiments to be clearly observed. The components are extremely stiff due to the strong main beam. The extensions have holes that facilitate the insertion of accessories and measuring devices. In the area around these holes, measuring glands are fitted, which, e.g., can be connected to tube manometers.
Learning Objectives / Experiments
Together with the HM 162 Modular Flow Channel, numerous experiments in the area of hydromechanics and fluid mechanics can be performed. The extension of the working section results in an improvement of the conditions for the experiment.
Modular element for extending the working section
[1] Extension for the working section of the HM 162 Modular Flow Channel
[2] Cross-section of flow wxh 309x450mm
[3] Side walls made of glass, stainless steel floor, sturdy, high quality coated supporting frame
[4] Holes for fitting accessories and measuring equipment
[5] Measuring glands that can be shut off
Technical Data
Length: 2.5m
Flow cross-section: wxh 309x450mm
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 2500 x 535 x 1065 mm
Weight : approx. 400 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 working section extension,
1 set of accessories
Order Details
070.16210 HM 162.10 Working Section Extension, 2.5 m
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