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HM 161.51 Venturi Flume Show data sheet (pdf file) Print page
Technical Description
The HM 161.51 is a fully functional model of a Venturi channel measuring device. Its action is produced by a horizontally arranged constriction of the channel cross-section; this is formed using 2 Plexiglass side bodies. In this way the cross-section of the constriction is clearly visible. The flow processes of subcritical and supercritical flow can be clearly observed. Along with a flow rate measurement, an energy balance after Bernoulli can be clearly demonstrated in conjunction with the HM 161.50 Pitotstatic Tube and HM 161.59.
Learning Objectives / Experiments
Flow rate measurement in open flumes using the continuity equation
Investigation of flow and supercritical flow states
For measurement of water levels, the use of the HM 161.52 Level Gauge on the moving HM 161.59 Instrument Carriage is recommended.

Flow rate measurement in rivers and channels
[1] Experimental set-up for fitting to the HM 161 Large Flow Channel
[2] Experimental set-up consisting of base plate, 2 side pieces, an adjusting screw, mounting bolts and seals
[3] lxwxh 1600x590x800mm
Technical Data
Material: Plexiglass
Side element lxwxh: 1421x124.5x785mm
Smallest cross-section, Venturi nozzle: 291mm
Dimensions and Weight
lxwxh : 1600 x 590 x 800 mm
Weight : approx. 60 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 experimental set-up, 1 set of accessories, 1 instruction manual
Order Details
070.16151 HM 161.51 Venturi Flume
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