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Steady Incompressible Flow
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HL 111
Fluid Friction Training Panel
Friction loss in open pipes; measurement of hydrostatic pressure, pressure variations in flowing fluids and differential pressure

HL 210
Losses in Pipe Systems and Fittings
Demonstration of friction loss in pipe constrictions, elbows, bends, valves and fittings

HL 102
Pipe Friction Training Panel
Measurement of the difference in pressure on 4 pipe section of the same lengths and different materials

HL 103
Fitting Loss Training Panel
4 different measuring sections, 10 elbows / bends

HL 113
Losses in Valves and Fittings Training Panel
Pressure loss at standard fittings: ball valve, angle seat valve, straight-way valve, shut-off gate valve

HM 120
Pipe Fitting Loss Demo Panel
under construction!

HM 112
Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC
under construction!

HM 122
Pressure Loss in Pipes
Resistance and loss for turbulent pipe flow, long measuring sections with several pressure measurement points

HM 111
Pipe Networks
Investigation and analysis of different pipe systems in relation to pressure and flow rates

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