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HM 115
Hydrostatics Trainer
A well equipped hydrostatics bench allowing numerous experiments on the topic of hydrostatics of liquid and gases

HM 150.18
Osborne Reynolds Experiment
Visualisation of laminar and turbulent flow

HM 150.07
Bernoulli's Principle
Static pressure and total pressure distribution along the venturi nozzle

HM 150.12
Vertical Flow from a Tank
Determination of flow rate coefficients and flow rate for various water heads and experiments on discharge jets

HM 135
Drag Coefficients for Spheres
under construction!

HM 155
Water Hammers in Pipes
Investigation of water hammers and pressure waves in pipes: display of the pressure curve, determination of the reflection time

HM 150.01
Pipe Friction for Laminar / Turbulent Flow
Determining the critical Reynolds number

HM 150.11
Losses in Piping Elements, Valves and Fittings
Investigating the influence of flow rate and cross-sectional profiles on pressure loss in pipes and fittings

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