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Process Engineering
Fundamentals of Process Engineering
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> Theory: Thermodynamics
> Theory: Heat and Mass Transfer
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CE 110
Diffusion in Liquids and Gases
Use of Fick’s Law

WL 352
Free and Forced Convection Unit
Convective heat transfer in a duct

WL 372
Heat Conduction Unit 
Radial and linear heat conduction in solid materials

WL 373
Heat Conduction in Gases and Liquids
Quantitative experiments on heat conduction

WL 377
Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus
Heat transfer by convection and radiation in gases

WL 110
Heat Exchanger Service Unit
Service unit for four different types of heat exchange

WL 110.01
Tubular Heat Exchanger
Parallel flow and counterflow operation possible

WL 110.02
Plate Heat Exchanger
Parallel flow and counterflow operation possible

WL 110.03
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Cross parallel flow and cross counterflow operation possible

WL 110.04
Jacketed Vessel with Stirrer & Coil
Heating using jacket or coiled tube

WL 225
Fluidisation and Heat Transfer
Effect of particle size on fluidisation

WL 320
Wet Cooling Tower
Principle of operation and characteristic variables of a wet cooling tower with forced ventilation

Heat and Mass Transfer