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RT 395
Maintenance of Valves and Fittings and Actuators
Comparison of 4 different actuators

RT 396
Pump and Valves and Fittings Test Stand
Plotting characteristics of industrial valves and fittings

IA 110
Calibrating a Pressure Sensor
Test-pressure generated with dead-weight piston manometer

HM 500
Flow Meter Trainer
Comparison and calibration of different flow meters

RT 390
Test Stand for Control Valves
Design and function of control valves

RT 350
Operation of Industrial Controllers
Simulation of controlled systems; digital controller with freely selectable parameters

RT 360
Networking of Industrial Controllers
Function and structure of a process control system under Profibus DP

RT 370
Setup of Field Bus Systems
Networking of field bus modules

RT 380
Optimization of Control Loops
Interaction between controller and controlled system

RT 310
Calibration Station
Calibration of control loop components using precision measuring technique

RT 304
Calibration Trainer
Investigation of the transmission behaviour of actuators and transducers

Tags: Training equipment, process control, instrumentation, transducers, sensors, calibration, control, test valves, flow meters, pumps, valves, fittings, pressure sensor