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HM 270
Air-Operated Impulse Turbine
under construction!

HM 272
Air-Operated Reaction Turbine
under construction!

HM 287
Experiments with an Axial Turbine
Illustrative model of an axial turbine

HM 288
Experiments with a Reaction Turbine
Illustrative model of a water turbine according to the reaction principle

HM 289
Experiments with a Pelton Turbine
Illustrative model of a Pelton turbine

HM 291
Experiments with an Action Turbine
Illustrative model of an axial constant-pressure turbine

Turbine Trainer HM 290
Base Unit for Turbines
Closed water circuit for supplying turbines (HM 288, HM 289 and HM 291)

HM 450.01
Pelton Turbine
Functional model of an impulse turbine

HM 450.02
Francis Turbine
Functional model of a reaction turbine

HM 450C
Characteristic Variables of Hydraulic Turbomachines
Determining hydraulic output, mechanical output and efficiency

HM 365.31
Pelton and Francis Turbine
Comparing constant-pressure and reaction turbines

HM 365.32
Turbine Supply Unit
Closed water curcuit

HM 430C
Francis Turbine Trainer
under construction!

HM 421
Kaplan Turbine Trainer
Adjustable guide vanes for varying the power output

HM 405
Axial-Flow Turbomachines
under construction!

HM 299
Pump and Compressor Unit
under construction!

HM 283
Experiments with a Centrifugal Pump
Determination of characteristic pump variables

HM 284
Series and Parallel Connected Pumps
Characteristic behaviour of pumps during single pump, series or parallel pump operation

HM 300
Basic Centrifugal Pump
under construction!

HM 365.10
Water Pump Supply Module
under construction!

HM 365.45
Axial-Flow Pump Module
under construction!

HM 305
Trainer Centrifugal Pump
under construction!

HM 332
Series / Parallel Pumps / PC
under construction!

HM 362
Comparison of Pumps
Investigation of the operating behaviour of centrifugal, piston and side-channel pumps

HM 285
Experiments with a Piston Pump
Illustrative model of a typical positive displacement pump

HM 286
Experiments with a Gear Pump
Illustrative model of a rotary-type positive displacement pump

HM 365.20
Oil Pump Supply Module
under construction!

HM 280
Experiments with a Radial Fan
Operating behaviour and characteristic variables of a radial fan; 2 interchangeable impellers

HM 210
Characteristic Variables of a Radial Fan
Determination of volumetric flow rate via iris diaphragm or venturi nozzle

HM 292
Experiments with a Radial Compressor
two-stage compressor: recording of the compressor curve for both stages

HM 282
Experiments with an Axial Fan
Operating behaviour and characteristic variables

HM 215
Two-Stage Axial - Flow Fan
under construction!

HM 365
Universal Drive and Brake Unit
Core component for experiments on various engines and machines

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