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Energy Conversion
Renewable Energy Trainers
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HM 450.02
Francis Turbine
Functional model of a reaction turbine

HM 450.01
Pelton Turbine
Functional model of an impulse turbine

HM 450C
Pump & Turbine Trainer
Determining hydraulic output, mechanical output and efficiency

ET 405
Heat Pump Trainer for Cooling & Heating Operation
Different operating modes can be set via valves

ET 250
Solar PV Trainer - Module Measurements
Function of solar cells

ET 250.01
Photovoltaic Trainer - Grid-connected Operation

ET 250.02
Stand Alone Operation of Photovoltaic Modules 

ET 252
Solar Trainer - Cell Measurements
Trainer with four solar cells and bypass diodes that can be freely interconnected

ET 255
Using Photovoltaics Trainer: Grid connected or Stand-alone
Trainer for working with electrical components from the real world usage of photovoltaics

ET 202
Principles of Solar Trainer - Thermal Energy
Demonstration model of a solar thermal system

HL 313
Domestic Water Heating with Flat Solar Collector Trainer
Conversion of solar energy into heat

ET 220
Energy Conversion in a Wind Power Plant Trainer
Conversion of kinetic wind energy into electrical energy

ET 220.01
Wind Generator
Practical experiments under real wind conditions

HL 320.03
Flat Plate Collector

HL 320.04
Evacuated Tube Collector

HL 320.05
Central Storage Module with Controller

HL 320.07
Underfloor Heating / Geothermal Energy Absorber

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